Attention Beauty and Fitness Lovers. Today, Lauren Byrd will be taking over the blog and sharing tips on how to take your Workout Outdoors. I am so excited to have her guest posting and I hope you love her post as much as I do! Take it away Lauren!

Taking your workout outdoors has many benefits. I know that personally. I am much happier after getting a breath of fresh air. Combine that with those post-exercise endorphins and those happy feelings will be yours! Research also supports outdoor workouts. You’re 23 percent more likely to repeat an outdoor workout, or so an Ohio State University study suggests. One of the great things about working out outdoors is that you can just take your workout outside or you can participate in outdoor activities like hiking or swimming.

Check out some tips for how to take your workout outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!

  1. Go on a hike


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One of the best things about running or walking outdoors is that you’re always moving toward something. When you’re on a treadmill, you are staring at the same place on the wall. Going on a hike outdoors can give you the change of scenery that you need to keep your brain stimulated and motivated. I live close to an off-leash dog park and I see so many people take advantage of taking the time to walk their dogs and get a good workout in.

  1. Swim

If you have access to a pool, then you should definitely give swimming a try. Swimming is a total body routine that burns a lot of calories and tones up your body. There are several swimming stroke variations as well as some fun workouts you can do in the pool to switch it up. Swimming is especially refreshing during the hot summer months! Many gyms have indoor and outdoor pools so that you can take still continue swimming even during the winter.

  1. Utilize park equipment

Take your in-home or gym workout outside to a park where you can utilize equipment like a park bench or monkey bars. Many cities are deciding to invest in outdoor fitness equipment so people can easily work out while enjoying some beautiful scenery. You won’t have to worry about a gym membership or anything like that! Vitamin D is something that you can get in abundance when working out outside. Vitamin D has been proven to lower your risk of certain cancers.

  1. Biking


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Cycling and biking has to be one of my favorite workouts. It is another workout that works your total body if you are pedaling with enthusiasm and squeezing your core. I love that you can control how fast or slow you go or how intense you want your workout to be. Once again, I definitely find cycling more fun outside because I am actually traveling a distance and enjoyed the scenery and breeze along the way.

By Guest Author: Lauren Byrd

Picture1Lauren is a contributing writer and media specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and fitness blogs.

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