Attention Everything & Nothin’ Fam! As many of you (all those on my mailing list) know, I have been thinking and preparing to be a beauty blogger coach. I love blogging and I love helping others with their blogs (hence Beauties On Fire Facebook Group). To further my coaching knowledge, I decided to take an amazing coaching course.

Coaching is an awesome way to earn an income from home. You are able to guide others from the comfort of your home. The skies the limit when it comes to coaching. Today, you can be a coach on any/every subject. If you have a desire to help others and a passion for a subject, you can be a coach.

I was beyond thrilled when I was accepted to review a coaching course from Coach Training Alliance. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on this course and to see if coaching might be a career for you!

About The Course: Coach Training Accelerator (CTA)

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The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online is a 20-lesson comprehensive program with real-world coaching sessions that provide step-by-step instruction. Self-study, self-paced courses formatted to complement the CTA Certified Coach Program.

Live Help and Personal Guidance

Personal, one on one contact with Certified Coach and Admissions Advisor, Lisa Pisano, will provide you with unique, individual support as you find your coaching niche and grow your practice. She has helped thousands of coaches reach success and can help you, too!

Ask questions, get support, learn new tips firsthand free of charge – for life.

Interactive Training Modules

The best part about a self-study course is the options you have for learning. You can choose to move at your own pace along to the section what interests you most. Or you can follow the steps outlined for you in each module and work through them in order.

CTA Coaching Course Review About

The CTA Difference

The Coach Training Accelerator™ stand apart in its well-rounded approach coach training. You learn core coaching principles and how to put them into real-world practice. You also learn the business development skills you need to grow your coaching business, and the marketing tips and skills to attract new clients.

No fluff, no filler, just facts, figures, and examples. The program lessons are clear and to the point, helping you create a rewarding practice, step-by-step. Learn all skill sets essential for a professional coaching practice to be strong, balanced, and secure in your success as a coach, in the order you need them.

We ensure you have the business and marketing skills to complement your coaching skills so you can attract clients and create a profitable group of ongoing clients

Most importantly, the in-depth, advanced content is very clearly organized and interlinked to ensure you have access to the right information just when you need it.

The minute you start the Coach Training Accelerator™ Program, you embark on a lifelong journey of self-transformation. Build a solid business foundation for your practice and grow quickly with quality clients. Acquire the skills you need to help your clients get powerful results right away.

But the real reward is what happens next. For when you’re a coach, you are part of an important and rapidly emerging profession. You’re able to help others reach their goals in an effective, long-lasting way – and get paid for it!

What could be better than that?

Coach Training Accelerator Review:

I couldn’t wait to start the Coach Training Accelerator course! It is jammed full with information and I was shocked at how much I have learned so far. The course even gives you a complimentary starter website so that you can create your very own coaching website. CTA seriously has everything you could need to start your very own coaching career.

To be honest, I thought this course would be like other courses I have taken. It would be short and filled with a few bits of helpful information. At the end of the course, I would fill like I still needed to learn a lot and that I wasted my money. Boy, was I wrong!

CTA is an intensive course that takes 20 weeks to complete! I have been working on it for a few months and I am still not finished with it! Every lesson is packed full of information and helpful guides. I felt like I was taking a college course which was awesome! Many notebooks have been filled with information that I didn’t want to forget.

The Start:

CTA Online Coaching Course Review

The course is very easy to start and set up. Once you have paid for the course, you are given a link to set up your password. After you have set up a password, you are able to log in and start the CTA Course.

You are greeted with a few messages and guides on how to complete the course. They contain valuable information that you don’t want to miss. I read through all of them to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

The Lessons:

CTA Coaching Course Review Lessons

There are five sections that are each broken down into individual lessons. At the end of each section, there is a section review. Each individual lesson includes very detailed and specific information on different aspects of coaching. You can even choose to listen to each lesson instead of reading it. I really enjoyed this touch.

The lessons flow very well with each lesson building on each other. Action challenges are included at the end of every lesson. There are action challenges for new coaches and established coaches. Coach Training Alliance recommends completing the course a few times as you advance throughout your career.

I LOVED the action challenges! They allow you to put into practice what you have learning. I have filled a few notebooks from these action challenges and I feel like I am actually ready to start coaching now!

The Extras:

CTA has so many extras. There are a ton of resources and tools to help you with your coaching business. I check these pages all the time!! CTA gives you many actual coaching sessions to listen to. I loved these because I could hear how coaching sessions work. Listening to other coaches, helped me so much.

CTA has a ton of support systems built into the course. You can attend many teleclasses for additional help and support. There is even a bonus Becoming A Coach class that you can attend. Seriously, this course has EVERYTHING!

Final Thoughts:

To say I recommend this course is an understatment! I LOVE it so much. It is hands down the best course I have ever taken. I can’t believe I learned so much and I am still not completely finished with the course. It has to be THE BEST course for coaches.

Through this course, I now feel like I am a more confident and prepared coach. I set up my practice, discovered who my idea client is, drafted my HUB statement, started a list of reinforcing moments, completed my 30 second coaching introduction, decided on my fees, and so much more! Coach Training Accelerator is such an amazing course and I can’t say enough good things about the course. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are thinking about becoming an online coach! 


I am surprised how affordable this course is, especially since you get so much! For only $299, you are granted lifetime access to the 20-week Graduate Level Course PLUS Bonuses! It is a $1,050 value!! To be honest, I think that value is a bit low because I would gladlly pay $2,000 for this course. There are courses that cost 3 times the amount as this course and don’t contain near the information.

I can’t recommend this course enough if you are thinking about becoming a coach! Be sure to check it out! Now you tell me…would you like to be a coach? Have you ever thought about being an online coach? Where is your passion and what would you enjoy coaching? Let me know in the comments below!!

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