The May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription box is here! Attention Everything & Nothin’ Fam! I, Joseph…Elisabeth’s boyfriend, am back again to review a box that you can get for your man!

Harrison Blake is a monthly subscription for men that contains a necktie and 4 other coordinated accessories. I received my subscription box from Harrison Blake and I couldn’t wait to dig in! Keep reading to see what I think about the May 2017 Harrison Blake.

Cost: $25.00/month (US & Canada), $40.00/month (Worldwide)

Ships: Worldwide

May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription FIRST IMPRESSION:

Disclaimer: I was sent this box for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try. 

The products arrived in a plastic shipping bag and all the products are in their own individual plastic bags. I would have a liked nicer packaging considering this subscription is aimed at professionals but considering it’s low monthly cost, I will not complain.


May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription Review


Harrison Blake Baseball Cap ($25)

This month Harrison Blake included a really nice baseball cap. The cap feels well made and it is very comfortable to wear. I will definitely be making use of it this summer.

Harrison Blake Plaid Cotton Pocket Square ($20)

This month Harrison Blake sent a cotton pocket square. The cotton pocket square feels really soft and is made out of a quality material.

Harrison Blake Anchor Necktie ($30)

I love the included necktie for this month. It not only feels very nice to the touch, but the pattern looks great and is high quality! I love the color and the anchor design.

May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription Review

Harrison Blake Stainless Steel Ring ($35)

I don’t usually wear any jewelry but the included ring feels really nice and high quality, I really like the dark color and design. It looks really sleek and has nice weight to it.

May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription Review

Harrison Blake No Show/Boat Socks ($7)

Socks are usually my favorite product included in the Harrison Blake subscription. This month is no different. I love these socks. They feel very soft and are comfortable to wear. They are also quite well made. I will definitely wear them this July the 4th.

May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription Review

Bonus Item: Harrison Blake Foldable Water Bottle

This month Harrison Blake included an awesome bonus item. I love that I can easily fold up this bottle and store it in my work bag and pull it out when it’s needed. It is such a space-saver!

Bonus: DEALS:

Get 1 necktie + 4 accessories for only $25!

Get 2 self-tie Bow Ties for only $16!

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I really liked the May Harrison Blake subscription. All the products are very well made and feel high quality. My favorite product from this box is again the necktie, but I also liked all the products this month. What I like about this subscription is that all the products are coordinated to be worn together and they all go very well together. The products feel good to the touch and the value of them far exceeds the mere $25 subscription price. I absolutely can’t wait to receive my next box.

Elisabeth here! Let’s give Joseph a high-five and a round of applause for his next review! He was so sweet to review this box for me (and totally loved his free stuff). I am so thankful that he took over my blog for me! What do you ladies think? Should he review more boxes? What do you think of this box? I think it would make a great gift for any business man! I really like this collection and can’t wait to see him rock it!

May 2017 Harrison Blake Subscription Review