Attention Beauty Lovers. Today, Zoe Underwood will be taking over the blog to share some of her beauty secrets. I am so excited to have her guest posting and I hope you love her post as much as I do! Take it away Zoe!

Being surrounded by photo-shopped models and famous people on magazine covers can take its toll on your self-confidence and make you painfully aware of your so-called flaws. And while deep down, you know that imperfections make you beautiful and unique, sometimes you just want to forget about those eye bags or cellulite, or whatever it is that gets on your nerves.

How about a slight change of perception? Let’s look at this as emphasizing some of your best qualities and most beautiful traits you’re proud of! Here are some of the simplest ways you can accomplish that in no time.

The Art of Makeup

When it comes to accenting facial features with makeup, moderation is your best friend. Maybe you don’t like your nose, or you’d like your eyes to be more prominent. For example, applying some foundation or shading cream similar to your skin tone can go a long way in helping you bring out the curve of your cheekbones and the color of your eyes. You’ll want to be careful to avoid overdoing it, though, because it’s all about finesse. Experiment before you pick your best solution, but you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish with very little.

The Wonders of a Hairdo

It’s amazing how a freshly styled haircut can make you look younger, slimmer and significantly more confident! If you’d like to avoid drawing too much attention to your ears, multiple layers are the way to go. Whether you’re going for curls, waves or straight layers, making them natural and maintaining good volume is the key. Combine this with a touch of makeup and no one will notice those few extra pounds on your hips! On the other hand, if you’re annoyed by your double chin, shorter hairstyles will do wonders for you.

The Power of an Outfit

In case your curves make you feel like all clothes are your worst enemy, you couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, you can use certain clothing items to flaunt your best qualities, while concealing those you dislike. Wrap tops are an excellent example of how you can easily feel comfortable and bring out the lovely curves of your cleavage. Asymmetrical skirts and empire waist tops as well as dresses can also go a long way in helping you achieve the best effect.

Accessorize Properly

Sometimes even the best of outfits can’t achieve as much as well-picked earrings, a prominent necklace or your favorite belt. A personal favorite of many ladies is a stylish pair of glasses, fitted to compliment your face and draw attention away from any imperfections you might have. They can also be designed to emphasize the shape of your face, the curve of your smile, and the right color can bring out that unique hue of your eyes, so take your time when choosing a pair that will last you a long time.

The Devil in the Detail

Fashion trends can help you achieve amazing results, so unleash your inner diva, explore some of the most beloved methods women use, and you will quickly have an arsenal of small but powerful items in your wardrobe that will completely alter your look. Go for curious prints or patterns such as vertical lines that slim you down or discretely hide the dimples in your legs. Or use color blocking, a way of combining brighter colors of clothes to disguise those sensitive areas you dislike. At the same time, you will manage to finally get out of constantly wearing black, and bring your entire look to life.

To Sum Up

Building a healthy, confident self-image is a life-long journey, and coping with our imperfections is a significant portion of it. The best thing you can do for yourself is turn it into a fun, enjoyable process and learn to savor every moment of creating your unique look, your flaws included! More often than not, they will be the reason you discover a new part of yourself that you will find stunning, so cherish your individuality in all its incredible, yet imperfect beauty.

By Guest Author: Zoe Underwood

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