My February 2017 EsianMall box is here! I have always been interested in trying Asian beauty products. However, they are not easy to find in the US! I love that there are subscription boxes that ship in the US that feature Asian beauty. The EsianMall beauty box includes 5-6 mostly FULL-SIZED skincare products plus 1 specialty geek chic item. Each box has a $40+ retail value. They also have a deluxe bi-monthly box. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Cost: $24.95/month

Ships: Worldwide

February 2017 EsianMall FIRST IMPRESSION:

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try.

The contents come in a sturdy black box. There was also a detailed pamphlet that explained the products. The box was pretty full and I could tell there were a few FULL-SIZE items! I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what I got.


February 2017 EsianMall Review

TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk ($9.99)

This is a FULL SIZE! How cute is this hand cream?! It looks exactly like a banana and smells like one too. I love it!

February 2017 EsianMall Review

Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub ($10)

This is a FULL SIZE! I have a ton of blackheads so I am very excited to try this scrub. I can’t wait to see if it helps!

February 2017 EsianMall Review

Fascy Collagen Mask ($4)

This is a FULL SIZE! I love sheet masks so much and I can’t wait to try this one.

February 2017 EsianMall Review

Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask ($2)

This is a FULL SIZE! My feet have been hurting lately so this mask came at a great time. I totally can’t wait to use it.

Superhero Scarf + Poster

This scarf is just so cool. I love all the women superheroes on it. I can’t wait to style it!


I loved this EsianMall Beauty Box! It was such a great box and I am really happy with it! I can’t wait to try all the products. I also love the scarf and can’t wait to rock it The value is also good for only $25! What did you think of this EsianMall Beauty Box? Are you grabbing this subscription? Let me know in the comments below!

February 2017 EsianMall Review

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