Attention Beauty Lovers. Today, Mia will be taking over the blog to share some of her reasons to go organic. I am so excited to have her guest posting again and I hope you love her post as much as I do! Take it away Mia!

Attention Beauty Lovers. Recently, I started reading and informing myself more about all the beauty, makeup and skincare products I regularly use. I wanted to be sure what kinds of ingredients I’m applying to my skin on daily basis…and it’s safe to say that I was a bit shocked!

You’ve probably already heard about the new-established organic movements that advocate for all-natural beauty products, as a way of conserving our health and wellbeing. Whether we’re talking about makeup or food, organic is the way to go! And in the next few lines, I’ll try to explain why exactly.

No More Chemicals

One of the most prominent features of organic products (cosmetics or food) is the fact that they contain no chemicals whatsoever. They’re made using only natural ingredients with no preservatives, chemicals and similar toxins which are often found in conventional products.

By eating produce treated with pesticides or applying makeup that contains preservatives, you’re directly absorbing poison into your body, risking your health in the process. There are many who are willing to make giant sacrifices for beauty, myself included, but undermining our health for the sake of beauty will do good to no one.

Benefit from More Nutrients

When it comes to food, it’s important to note that organically grown produce contains more vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds in comparison to the mass-produced foods. The same applies to organic cosmetics. Many studies have proven that real organic beauty products contain valuable enzymes and micronutrients which nourish our skin, have long lasting effects and also slow down the aging process.

GMO No More

The sole term of Genetically Modified Organisms sounds completely artificial, which is probably why it leaves such an unsettling feeling whenever I talk about it. Imagine taking your favorite fruit and altering its DNA to become more resistant and immune to external influences… sounds great, right? Yes, until you realize that in the process of making it, all the health properties of said fruits are now gone and all you’re left with is a shiny looking apple with no vitamins or minerals, only toxins.

With organically grown products, you don’t have to worry about your foods or strawberry-based lotions containing GMO, as they’re free from anything unnatural and harmful.

It’s Cruelty-Free

In order to determine whether the beauty products are harmful and suitable for human use, many companies resort to animal testing. This has become a globally recognized issue and the animal rights movements have advocated for cruelty-free products that don’t harm or kill animals in the process of testing. That being said, organic products are noted to always be cruelty-free and should contain a leaping bunny label confirming that.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Of course, just as we’d like to know that our foods and products are keeping animals and people safe, it’s equally important to think about our environment as well. Organic production is a way of producing in harmony with nature, meaning it enforces sustainability and protects our ecosystems. It’s not just about protecting ourselves from the harms of conventional products, but preserving the wildlife, nature and the surroundings that we’re also a part of.

Both Contribute to The Fair-Trade Movement

Lastly, it’s much more satisfying knowing that you’re giving your money to someone who really needs it, than supporting the big corporations that are only looking to earn more money. By purchasing organic products you’re helping small producers and family-owned business get better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

I really enjoyed learning about all the benefits of switching to organics, but also, I’m happy to become finally aware of the dangers of other, conventional products. Make this your New Year’s resolution – go organic! Hope you liked this article and be free to share your personal experience about organic products!

By Guest Author: Mia Taylor

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Traveling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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