Attention Beauty Lovers. Today, Sara Biston will be taking over the blog and sharing some beauty secrets. I am so excited to have her guest posting and I hope you love her post as much as I do! Take it away Sara!

Holidays are a time of endless festivities — families gathered around the table, friends making quick meet ups just to kiss and catch up and, of course, loved ones exchanging tidings and the season’s spirit of giving.  With so much social gatherings and events happening, there’s no way you can miss out on the most festive season of the year.

What you might not already know is that your favorite lotion, go-to lipsticks, and that skin lightening cream you’ve grown a loyal, almost blind, following for, are also best bought and owned around this season.

Five reasons why you should go shopping for beauty products during the Holidays:

There is plenty of surplus. Sellers are eager to move their products before the Holiday season — buying season for most — ends.  Otherwise, they will be forced to sell remaining surplus at absurdly very low prices come January.  However, that doesn’t really give you a clear advantage, does it?

After the holidays, you will be most likely left with items other buyers have already gone through — no more stock of best sellers and that beauty product you’ve grown to love so much.  That makes festive seasons the best time for you to look and shop for the best deals.

There are countless freebies. Offered in your favorite beauty bars or online, stockers and sellers usually have more giveaways to give around Christmas time.  Manufacturers typically hike up their stocks to anticipate higher demands for spoiling their loyal and first-time buyers’ personal stash and for the annual craze on gift-giving.

As such, they are also more than willing to give you a free item or a sampler, probably a Hydolyze to try, just because they want to lure you to buy a particular product but also to make you try their newest offerings —simply because you might like it, come back, and buy more.  So, don’t forget to collect those samples!

Discounts are offered on bulk purchases. When else can you see unimaginable discounts when you buy two or three or more of the same brand?  If you think, Black Friday, well, you’re seriously wrong!  Sellers know that cheap buyers wait around for sale months, and it’s only often an illusion that you’re getting your buys at the best price because they know people are more willing to spend their cash just because of sheer perception that it’s sale month.

Coupons are given left, right and center. Holidays are the best time to shop for that skin lightening cream because of all those coupons that you earn for each purchase that earns you tons of points.  Use it to buy the most expensive products on your “I want this” list and you’ll surprise yourself at how inexpensive you’re getting it for.

Sellers are simply more generous.  They anticipate that more people have more extra cash in their wallets, and they want a share of your pie.  Buyers come out of their cocoons to shop, and the sellers will deliver the utmost shopping experience for you and for your convenience.

There is an insane list of new product offerings. Certainly, it is part of your goal to be the first to try and first to own.  Fulfill that objective of yours by being one of the very first owners of that iridescent lipstick or that new sensational skin lightening cream that’s made it to the news and everybody is talking about.  Now, that is a real score.

Making the most of your purchase

 Once you got that Hydrolyze cream and that metallic eyeliner in you stash, you need to make sure you’ll make the most use of it.  Here are a few tips how:

  1. Experiment. Read the labels and use it as prescribed but, don’t be afraid to experiment, particularly on those new cosmetics in your beauty bag.
  1. Observe proper storage. Refrain from exposing your finds in sunlight and excessive heat. Heat and light can literally change your product’s composition and shorten its shelf life.
  1. Use only what you need. Avoid wastage by using the right tools for application.  The secret to beauty enhancement is not in getting or putting more but in using just the right amount of product to achieve your beauty goals.

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The next time you try to keep yourself inside your abode to avoid getting caught up in the holiday shopping craze, begin to doubt what you’ve always thought about shopping in this festive season.  Go out, observe and see for yourself.

By Guest Author: Sara Biston


Sara Biston, who lives in New York City, USA – a freelance article writer by profession. She is an experienced writer who loves writing about beauty, skincare news & fashion. Sara’s passion for beauty & skin care became the catalyst for a major career change.

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