Hello, Loves! Part of the fun of being a beauty blogger is helping others. I am presenting a new series called HELP! In this series, we will dive into common beauty problems. I will offer my best tips, tricks, tutorials, and hacks to solving some of the most stubborn beauty problems/issues. I hope you enjoy this series and learn valuable information along the way. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have additional information or if you have a beauty problem you would like me to solve. I love connecting with my readers/experts. With that being said, let’s get to addressing the issue of MATCHING DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION. Keep reading to see my Top Tips To Matching Drugstore Foundation.

Picture this…NO, WAIT! LISTEN TO THIS:

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You spend hours watching YouTube videos listening to the gurus talk about the new drugstore beauty releases. Of course, they mention the latest drugstore foundation and are raving about it. You are so convinced that you need it and you need it NOW! You grab your purse and run (or well, drive) to your local drugstore. As you enter the doors, you are overwhelmed with all the gorgeous beauty displays. You take a minute to soak in all the beauty.

Once reality sets in and you remember what you are looking for, you begin the search for the foundation display. You locate it and then the horror sets in. How in the world are you supposed to pick your shade? There are so many choices and you have no idea where to begin. Of course, there is NO swatch counter where you can actually handle the product. There are NO tester bottles for you to swatch the formula on your arm/neck. What are you going to do? The horror, the sadness! You begin to walk away with your head slumped because you don’t want to buy every bottle just to find your shade.

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Have no fear! This is where I come in. Continue reading to discover four tips to matching drugstore foundation. You will never (okay, totally overselling but really) dread picking out your perfect drugstore foundation shade again.

Top Tips To Matching Drugstore Foundation:


Technology is constantly changing and improving. There are Apps that can help you choose your perfect foundation shade. Some examples are:

There is also a website called Findation. This site is such an awesome tool. If you know your perfect shade for any foundation, you can use this site. To use, select the foundation brand you normally wear. Next, select the product you use (Note: you can match powders and concealers too). Finally, select your shade match. The site will give you shade matches in other brands based on your current foundation used. This really is such an awesome tool.

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My top tip for foundation is to go in softly with it and get the extra coverage with concealer. You still want your skin’s natural beauty to shine through ~ Kara (Spread The Sparkle)Want More Tips?


When in doubt, Find A Salesperson. A good salesperson will know their selection (especially a beauty sales rep) and may be able to help you find your shade. They may have permission to open bottles or they keep samples in the back. This way you can easily test the foundations on the back of your hand as well as your jawline. If you find a great salesperson, make sure to ask for their schedule so you can always request them when you are in search for a new foundation.

My biggest tip is to match foundation to your neck or chest instead of cheek or jawline. You can use blush to darken everything up, but you want the base color to match so your face doesn’t look like a completely different shade than the rest of your body! ~ Teph (Teph Williams)Want More Tips?


Take a Similar Foundation Shade with you when you go to the drugstore. Taking a foundation you know matches your skin tone will help you to match your skin tone with a new foundation. You can compare shades side by side or by unscrewing the tops to determine how similar they look. Line up your foundation next to a few of the “new foundation” shades you believe will match your skin tone. This way you can find your foundation shade winner!


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Avoiding cake face (great tip for oil prone skin) If you get oily throughout the day before applying more powder, take a tissue or blotting papers and blot away the oil first. After you do that then when you apply powder you will avoid cake face and your makeup will look fresh and revived. ~ Krystle (Nightshade Beauty)Want More Tips?


Ever go to the drugstore and have no idea how to find you shade? Here are the top tips to matching drugstore foundation. Also, don't forget to grab your BONUS FREEBIE! Get the top foundation tips from beauty bloggers. Go ahead and click to grab them!

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Remember this: Q-Tips Are Your Best Friend! If you don’t have them in your purse/bag already, I highly suggest throwing some in. There are so many amazing uses for Q-Tips and you can even use them for matching drugstore foundation. Try to find foundation bottles that are not sealed or that have a pump. Simply pump or swab a bit of the foundation onto the Q-Tip and apply to jawline/back of the wrist. This way you keep the foundation sanitary in case you didn’t choose the correct shade. Simply toss the Q-Tips between shades to keep each bottle germ free.



For a foundation hack, I will use a small amount of self-tanner on a foundation brush.  I also use foundation as my eye makeup primer. ~ Christi (BiPolar Hot Mess)Want More Tips?

Final Thoughts:

You are now ready to tackle drugstore foundations with your top tips to matching drugstore foundation . You are armed with an arsenal of tips to help you match and find your perfect drugstore foundation shade. Don’t forget to grab your FREE BONUSES (case study + TOP FOUNDATION TIPS). I hope super beauty girl saved you from the evil drugstore matching monster! Stay tuned for the next HELP! issue! Let me know what your beauty struggles are so that super beauty girl can come to your rescue!

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Top 4 Tips To Matching Drugstore Foundation. These are the top tips for helping you match drugstore foundation to your skin tone. Click the picture to learn more and to download your FREE bonus tips!

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