Attention Beauty Lovers. Today, Emma Lawson will be taking over the blog and sharing tips on how to take care of your skin in the fall. I am so excited to have her guest posting and I hope you love her post as much as I do! Take it away Emma!

Skincare products are usually classified based on various skin types and needs, but they should also be separated by seasons. The products you use should be in line with climate conditions that surround you. The sun is damaging for the skin, and cosmetic companies advise us to wear SPF products throughout the whole year. The cold weather and wind also take their toll to our skin, and the transition between summer and winter is when you need to show extra care to your skin, recover it from sun exposure and heat, and prepare it for the upcoming colder weather.

Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion


Products that you use every day should be gentle to your skin but beneficial and effective in eliminating impurities and oils, especially for the morning use. This lotion will work like a charm for sleep marks and tired and dull skin. It will give you an extra boost of energy in the morning and introduce your skin to Green Coffee which is the main ingredient in this lotion.

Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner


Exfoliation is crucial for getting rid of all the residual dead skin cells and encouraging your skin to renew and regenerate itself. Exfoliating toners are a better option than face scrubs, especially for sensitive skin, because it does not contain microbes that would scratch and damage the skin surface. Tamarind and White Nettle extract will help rid the skin of surface cells and prevent pores from clogging.

HydraQuench Cream

Aside from exfoliating, the next best thing you can do for your skin to restore it to its youth and radiance is to moisturize it. Adopt this habit now, and take it with you to winter months when you will need it the most. Still, moisturizing is always an important and infallible step in your beauty regime, so you should invest in a good moisturizing cream. HydraQuench Cream offers an intense hydration that your skin craves after being dried out by the sun.



Now, oppose to summer time, you will need a thicker and heavier foundation that will not only smooth out your complexion but also nourish your skin. Clarins Extra-Comfort SPF 15 108 has a non-oily formula and is highly nurturing and comforting especially for more mature skin. It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, and illuminates and promotes elasticity. It also has an SPF 15 which you should always look for in a day cream, as well as in foundation. If you’re a fan of buying makeup online, there are six complementary shades that you can choose from, for different skin undertones.

Rebalancing oil

This is that little extra something that you can do for your skin in the transitional period. These are intended especially for dry and extra dry skin, as well as for combination and oily skin. Even if your skin is combination to oily you should still use oils, since they can help you balance sebum secretion. Oily skin needs deep moisturizing as well. These rebalancing oils also contain essential oils such as Lavender, Cardamom or Sandalwood oil, so they – naturally – smell amazing.

Hydrate your skin inside out. Make sure you drink lots of water, take vitamins, supplements and take good care of your body. Your skin is the organ that is last to receive the nutrients and vitamins, therefore you need to tackle this matter first from the surface and then from the inside. Don’t forget to wear SPF even during the winter, and update your skincare routine every few months.

By Guest Author: Emma Lawson



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