Attention Beauty Lovers. Welcome to the next Beauties On Fire themed link-up. If you don’t know about Beauties on Fire, make sure to check out this post. Our next theme was decided via a Twitter poll. Anyone could vote and our winner was…”Pokemon.” All the AMAZING #beautiesonfire members have written posts with their own spin on Pokemon looks. I am going to share with you a Charmander Pokemon beauty look. Make sure you check out all the links below and show some love (come back often to see which bloggers have posted). They are seriously so amazing. I know you will love reading them as much I have. Also, we are always excepting new members and anyone can join (see post above or rules below). Make sure you check out last week’s #beautiesonfire “Bold” link-up if you missed it.

I am still trying to catch up on everything from being sick and losing my job. I really appreciate you all bearing with me. I am not a huge fan of Pokemon (I know I am probably like the only one). I just never got into the whole Pokemon thing. However, I had a blast coming up with this look and I really like how it turned out. I thought Charmander would be perfect for #beautiesonfire. He has fire coming out of his tail and he is just so cute!

Pokemon Charmander Beauty Look:


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