Attention Beauty Lovers! I wanted to pop in really quick and give you a speedy review on a new foot product, Soakees, that was recently sent to me. I love trying new inventions and pamper products. Soakees look so cool and I just couldn’t wait to test them. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product. What are your favorite inventions? Have you tried Soakees? Let me know in the comments below!

About Soakees:

Soakees is a set of 2 “Slip -On and Tie” Foot Soaking Booties a person can use absolutely anywhere, anytime and anyplace and only needs 2-3 cups of water, vs the 2-3 gallons a “Foot Spa” floor tub needs.   The foot care market is huge – but the soaking process has been done the exact same way since the days of Cleopatra – we have developed an easier and more convenient option.
Constructed from medical grade vinyl, Soakees are shaped in a foot design 16″ tall, 16″ wide with a 13″ length from toe to heel. We have added a 36″ webbed nylon tie attached to the side to wrap around the leg and secure.    All a person needs to do is slip on a Soakees per foot – add 2-3 cups of water – wrap the attached tie around each leg and then sit back to enjoy a warm or cool foot soak – as desired.  Once finished the person slips off the Soakees and steps onto a towel to dry off the bottom of the foot – take the Soakees to the sink to dump the water – then fold them up for the next use.  Simple. 
Freedom – Unlike a “tub” of water Soakees allows the user to have freedom to use:
*   As you are working at a desk
*   Sitting on the back porch
*   As you watch TV or are on the computer
*   In a hotel room after a long airplane flight or a long day of walking
*   In a cruise ship cabin after sightseeing all day in exotic places
*   While you are in a airplane or on a train
*   On the foot of a person in a wheelchair  (no other product can offer that)
*   In a work cubicle – as you work
*   While you are having your hair done
*   While you are having your make up done
*    Anywhere – Anytime and Anyplace
*   At Home Pedicure
*   To relieve Swollen Feet and Legs
*   To stop foot pain
*   To ice a sports injury
*   For Overall Health, Wellness, Foot Beautification, Relaxation and Stress Relief
*   To treat Foot Odor, Foot Fungus or Toe Fungus
*   To treat ingrown toenails, bunions, soften hard heels or soothe feet suffering from high heel shoes syndrome
*   To just feel good!  All it takes is 20 minutes and you are good to go again.

My Thoughts On Soakees:

Soakees Pictorial

Okay, STOP what you are doing right now! You seriously need to buy these Soakees. They are hands down the best invention I have tried this year. I was so skeptical when I first learned about them and I am happy to report I was WRONG. I am totally obsessed and let me tell you why!

STOP what you are doing right now! You seriously need to buy these Soakees. Click To Tweet

First, they are made out of some heavy duty material. I totally thought these would be a one-time use device and that they would break. Boy, was I wrong! They are very thick yet somehow still very light. They would be perfect for travel because you could easily pack them in your purse or carry-on. I am beyond impressed with the design. Also, they totally fit over my thick calves. Anyone will be able to use these.

Second, they are so easy to use. All you have to do is mix 1/4 cup of your favorite foot salts with 3 cups of water (do this for each foot). Soakees even provides you with a little bag of foot soak so you can use them immediately. Once the salt has dissolved, simply pour the mixture into each Soakee. Now all you have to do is carry your Soakees to your comfort place and relax for 20 minutes. Make sure you bring a towel and that you don’t walk. It is time to relax, people! After 20 minutes, simply take your feet out of the device and towel dry them. It was so easy to remove my feet.

Third, they are mess free and so easy to clean. I love that you don’t swash water everywhere with this device. I can’t tell you how many times I have dumped water all over my floor when I use traditional foot baths. That doesn’t happen with Soakees. They are so light (even with the water) and so easy to transport. I didn’t make a mess at all. They are also very easy to clean afterward. Simply rinse with water (I added a little hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacteria) and let dry. Now you are ready to use them again.

Fourth, they feel amazing. The material keeps the water warm and it was so therapeutic. I loved playing in the water with my feet. It was just the best experience ever and you have to try it to understand what I am talking about. I seriously can’t rave enough about these!

Fifth, they would make the perfect treat for August 15th (National Relaxation Day). Go ahead and treat yourself! I promise you won’t be disappointed! You need a pamper day after all the stress life throws at you. Soakees are the perfect way to relax and they are only $20! You really can’t beat that (especially since they are reusable). You can DIY your own foot soaks and give yourself an amazing pedicure. It is SO much cheaper than going to a spa (and totally cleaner too).

I highly recommend this device and I am just blown away by it. It is the best invention I have tried all year. I will be telling all my family and friends about them because they totally need them. I know what they will be getting for Christmas this year. What do you think? Are you grabbing yourself a pair? Let me know in the comments below!

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Like this Post? Share it on Pinterest!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try. 

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