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Summer is definitely not my favorite season. I hate being hot and sweaty (unless I am working out). The only time I love the summer is at the beach. However, the beach is a bigillion miles away (okay not really…but seems like it). The closest beach is around 10 hours from my house. I love going on summer beach vacations but I haven’t been on one in forever (thanks crazy, insanely, busy life). A girl can dream…right? The closest I get to the beach is a blow-up pool. I will have to settle on that for now.

Since I can’t rely on pools and beach parties, I turn to makeup. I can totally create summer makeup looks. You don’t need a pool or a beach for that. I will be creating an easy summer beauty look using only drugstore items. I don’t believe beauty has to cost a fortune (although I totally love high-end beauty products too). In the summer, I don’t like using all my fancy stuff because I feel like it melts off my face anyway. I don’t want $50 to melt right off my face (totally crying thinking about that). Drugstore products are awesome for summer beauty looks. Well, let’s get to it!

Summer Styles Beauty Look:

Products Used: 

The picture below contains all the products that I used to create the look. You really can achieve so many summer beauty looks with drugstore products. There are so many beauty gems you can find at your local drugstore.

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Summer Styles Products

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So now that you know what some of my favorite summer beauty products are, let’s get to using them to create a fun look.

I prefer not to use heavy foundation in the summer because it is so hot. I don’t like feeling like my face will sweat off. I really love simple makeup with winged eyeliner. It is so easy to create a put together beauty look with just winged eyeliner. I am not a fan of a matte lip in the summer. It is gloss all the way for me! And of course, I love to highlight like crazy on my face. Nothing screams summer more than a glowing complexion.

Summer Styles Makeup Tutorial

Summer Styles Must Haves:

1.) Water

Water is totally a summer essential. The summer days are hot and you want to avoid dehydration. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water all year long. You are more likely to sweat in the summer so you need to replenish often. I love drinking water from a fun water bottle or adding in fruit for extra flavor.

2.) Sunscreen

Sunscreen is another total must have. I could go on forever about how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you are using products that contain SPF anytime you are exposed to the sun. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer. Just do it!

3.) BBQ Food

I love BBQ so much and in the summer I totally crave it. I love BBQ ribs, chicken, shrimp…you know it! If you can put BBQ on it, I LOVE it! Plus, cookouts with the family are always a plus.

4.) A Good Book

I love summer books. I love books about the beach and summer. I also enjoy reading fact books and easy reads. I am really loving, Mind = Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane Worldby YouTuber Matt Santoro. This book is such a fun easy read. It is seriously entertaining.

5.) Hammock

To go along with reading an awesome book, I love laying around in the hammock. There is something about reading a book while laying in a hammock that is just so darn relaxing. I am at total peace when I am reading in the hammock.

6.) Facial Mist

I am a huge fan of facial mists. They keep my skin hydrated and refreshed. Just like you keep your insides functioning with water, keep your skin healthy with a facial mist.

7.) Hiking

I love summer hikes so much. I love seeing all the flowers and trees. It is so relaxing to go on a long hike and you never know what you might discover.

8.) Summer Shows

During the summer, so many awesome shows are on. I am particularly excited about the summer Olympics this year. I also love America’s Got Talent and love binge watching shows on Netflix. What are some of you favorite summer shows?

9.) Fan

Fans are seriously one of the best invention known to man. I am not a huge fan of feeling sweaty. I keep a fan going even though I have air conditioning. I just love feeling cool.

10.) Ice Cream

Okay, so I am totally obsessed with ice cream in the summer. There is nothing like a cold bowl of ice cream while reading a book (in your hammock…of course). Seriously, that is the perfect summer day (the cherry on top would be to do this at the beach). My favorite ice cream flavor EVER is Blue Moon Cookie Dough. It is seriously so delicious. Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Let me know in the comments.

Summer Must Haves Inforgraphic


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