Attention Bloggers! I have decided to create a fun weekly post! Blog Crushes will be posted each Tuesday. I love blogging and writing my own content. However, I love reading other blogs and learning from you all even more. Therefore, I decided I wanted to give back to all of you and feature posts that I crush on. I used to add a similar section to my monthly crushes. I haven’t been writing that post, but I wanted to still feature my blog post crushes. I hope you enjoy this post and find some new bloggers to crush on! Also, feel free to leave posts you found helpful, inspiring, or awesome in the comments below. I would love to read them! Feel free to share this post on all your social media outlets so we can really give these bloggers/posts some love!

Blog Post Crushes: 


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Marikah from Keeping Up With MJ wrote this beautiful post. She explains that sometimes it is okay not to feel and that actually it can be a great thing. It is beautifully written and a quick must read.

Move it monday ab workouts younfolded blog

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Nena from Younfolded shares some amazing ab workouts. My abs need a ton of work. I love that she posts at home workouts every single week that target different parts of your body. She is also so incredibly sweet! Head over to her blog NOW!


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Samantha from Samantha Wickes is at it again with her Beauty Through the Decades series. This time, she recreated the 1980s. I just love these posts so much and she did such a great job!

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Bernadette from One Busy Bee created a fun Instagram challenge. It sounds like a really fun challenge and I wanted to share it with you all!

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Noel from Simply Just Noel shared this awesome post on calories burned during workouts. It is a great little reference to know how many calories you are really burning.

The above are posts I have been crushing on this week! I love promoting other bloggers and finding truly amazing content. I can’t wait to start reading posts for next week’s Blog Crushes! What posts were you crushing on? Let me know in the comments below!

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