Attention Beauty Lovers! I wanted to share with you all today how to have an amazing shower. A shower can feel amazing after a long day of work and I wanted to share with you some shower products that I have been loving lately. What are your favorite shower products?  Let me know in the comments below!

Steps To An Amazing Shower:

Step 1: Wash And Condition Hair


I start by getting my hair very wet and then adding a bit of conditioner to the ends of my hair. I find this keeps my ends from splitting. I rinse the conditioner out and apply the shampoo. I really work the shampoo into my hair for about 2 minutes. I rinse out and apply conditioner. This time, I apply conditioner from the base of hair and down. I apply whatever is leftover to the top of my head. I am now ready for step 2.

Step 2: Exfoliate Body

IMG_7606 IMG_7438

I am now ready to begin washing my body. I turn off the water and apply an exfoliator all over my body. I really work the exfoliator into my skin to remove all the dead skin. I have really been enjoying You Are Amazing body scrub in Juicy Grapefruit ($3.99).

Let our little scrubbers buff away dry skin with the Juicy Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Scrub & Wash. Pumice gently exfoliates away dry, flaky skin giving pores room to breathe while leaving skin cleansed and smelling of bright, delicious grapefruit. Our Body Scrub is microbead-free because we care about saving water wildlife and the environment as much as you do.

This scrub smells amazing and really removes your dead skin. It isn’t harsh and you are left with fresh, glowing skin. If I need to shave, I will do so now. I am now ready for step 3.

Tip: To increase a scrub’s exfoliation benefits use a scrubbing mitt. This technique is also perfect before applying self-tanner. Also, scrub from your feet up towards your heart. These motions can help reduce cellulite and get your blood flowing. 

Step 3: Wash Body

IMG_7607 IMG_7439

I wash my body a second time to help remove any leftover scrub. I pump You Are Amazing Clean On Up body wash in Lemon Meringue to my loofah and wash away.

Heavenly citrus is here with our Lemon Meringue Body Wash dissolves impurities and rinses clean to present the freshest, bestest you to meet the world. Skin retains moisture thanks to the protective barrier of safflower oil to lock in hydration.

Again, this body wash smells amazing! It doesn’t strip your skin of moisture and it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. I also rinse out my conditioner. I am now ready for step 4.

Step 4: Hydrate Body

IMG_7608 IMG_7436

It is time to get out of the shower. I pat dry my body wish a soft towel and then apply lotion over my entire body. I work from my legs up. I have been using You Are Amazing body lotion in Coconut Water.

Refreshing and exotic, our Coconut Water Body Lotion moisturizes every nook of your body to keep skin feeling soft and smooth every day. Formulated with aloe to soothe and hydrate, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance!

This body lotion has a light scent which is perfect for applying a body mist on top. It is thick but sinks into the skin quickly. My skin was left hydrated and so soft. I am now ready for step 5.

Tip: Again, apply lotion from your feet up towards your heart. These motions can help reduce cellulite and get your blood flowing. 

Step 5: Scent Body

IMG_7609 IMG_7437

Now that I am all lotioned up, I am ready to add the final touch. I love to smell clean and fresh all day. Therefore, a body mist is the way to go. I am obsessing over You Are Amazing body mist in vanilla bean.

Add that perfect final touch on the way out the door with our Vanilla Bean Body Mist. Soft and cozy with a warm, inviting scent, our Body Mist is formulated with a touch of Aloe Leaf Juice to soothe and hydrate dry skin, you can be extra confident and smelling great every day.

Applying a body spray on top of a lotion will help the scent to last much longer. I love vanilla scents because they aren’t overwhelming. This body mist even has aloe to help further hydrate the skin. I am now ready to get dressed and face the day!

Tip: Don’t forget to spray a little body mist in your hair. Your hair holds on to scents longer (especially when damp) and helps keep you smelling fresh all day.

I hope you enjoyed my amazing shower process! I would love to hear about your amazing shower! Leave me your shower routine in the comments below!

About You Are Amazing:


You Are Amazing is such an awesome company! Their products are very affordable and smell amazing! Each of their 4 products come in 8 scents (blooming bouquet, coconut water, eucalyptus mint, juicy grapefruit, lavender fields, lemon meringue, mango papaya, and vanilla bean). You can stick to one scent for all your products or mix them up! I love to mix them up to create an amazing scent explosion.

You Are Amazing is the fun-loving, boldly scented basic bath and body brand giving women a positive start to each and every day. We know you’re a rockstar, so we created a line of vibrant scents, awesome products, and bold designs to start your day off right.

We’re driven by a mission to inspire and empower, so we built this ideal right into our brand from the get-go by partnering with Girl Up.

With each item purchased, You Are Amazing is partnering with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, to develop, engage, and inspire the world to stand up for the empowerment of girls everywhere.



Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the products to try.