Attention Bloggers! I have decided to create a fun weekly post! Blog Crushes will be posted each Tuesday. I love blogging and writing my own content. However, I love reading other blogs and learning from you all even more. Therefore, I decided I wanted to give back to all of you and feature posts that I crush on. I used to add a similar section to my monthly crushes. I haven’t been writing that post, but I wanted to still feature my blog post crushes. I hope you enjoy this post and find some new bloggers to crush on! Also, feel free to leave posts you found helpful, inspiring, or awesome in the comments below. I would love to read them! Feel free to share this post on all your social media outlets so we can really give these bloggers/posts some love!

Blog Post Crushes: 

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Anna from Free Form Happiness shares her life update with all of us. She has graduated from college! Let’s all head on over and congratulate her!

Do You Really Believe In Yourself?

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Madison wrote this very encouraging post entitled, “Do you really believe in yourself?” It is a very encouraging post and very well written. If you are feeling down, head on over and let her words lift you up!


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Emma from Emma Plus Three posted this adorable vlog! Her two kids are seriously adorable and so funny. If you need a pick me up for the day, I highly recommend watching her vlog. It is just so darn cute!

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Molly from Molly Louise shared three podcasts everyone should listen to. I am totally going to check them all out! They all sound amazing!

my pretty zombie brisket

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Kayla from Luna Faye Beauty took one shadow and used it five ways. I love how the look turned out and how one shadow can be used so many ways. It is just stunning! Definitely, head over to her blog and check it out.


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Karen from Karen Los Anes shares this awesome post on 8 easy changes you can do to improve your blog design. She goes into great detail and even gives a checklist. I will definitely be using some of her suggestions! If you are looking into how to design your blog, I highly recommend checking her out!


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Brianna from Collaborate ‘N Listen shared this gorgeous DIY flower keepsake. She has kept every single flower her husband ever gave her and has displayed them beautifully in this keepsake. I think this is just the cutest thing ever and so beautiful!


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Japs from MissInformation shared her OOTD. She looks so beautiful and I just love her outfits. Her husband and she are celebrating their anniversary and they just look so darn cute. I love the hotel they stayed at. Her pictures are stunning. Head on over and wish them a happy anniversary.


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Saira from Through The Glitter Glass shared her recommendations for makeup removal. I love her suggestions and I am totally going to be picking some of the up (some I already use daily). I love her layout of this post and she gives a very detailed review.

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I wanted to throw this infographic in this post because it is so helpful. It explains how to write the perfect blog post. I am definitely going to be using the suggestions.

How I Made $350 This Month as a Blogging Newbie

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Morgan from Morgan Bea & Co shared her income report. I love reading income reports and learn a ton from them. She made $350 in April! I think that is awesome!

Intern style header

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Amanda from Amanda Bella is at it again. This time, she is styling her beautiful sister. I love all the intern styles she created for her sister. This girl is just amazing and her sister is so lucky because I totally wish she was my stylist! You will definitely want to check out this post!

The above are posts I have been crushing on this week! I love promoting other bloggers and finding truly amazing content. I can’t wait to start reading posts for next week’s Blog Crushes! What posts were you crushing on? Let me know in the comments below!

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