Attention Bloggers! I have decided to create a fun weekly post! Blog Crushes will be posted each Tuesday. I love blogging and writing my own content. However, I love reading other blogs and learning from you all even more. Therefore, I decided I wanted to give back to all of you and feature posts that I crush on. I used to add a similar section to my monthly crushes. I haven’t been writing that post, but I wanted to still feature my blog post crushes. I hope you enjoy this post and find some new bloggers to crush on! Also, feel free to leave posts you found helpful, inspiring, or awesome in the comments below. I would love to read them! Feel free to share this post on all your social media outlets so we can really give these bloggers/posts some love!

Blog Post Crushes: 


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Hannah from Louboutins and Lipsticks shared this post on her gorgeous manis! I think this is such a fun and clever post! I love seeing what she wears on her nails every month. Which is your favorite? Make sure to let her know! I can’t decide between: OPI Rich Girls and Po Boys, Let’s be friends, Ruby Wing Kitten Heels, and I Got a Blue Attitude. Make sure you head over to her blog to check out all her amazing content!

Wordpress blog design

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LnLondon posted about her one-year blogiversary! Everyone head over to her blog NOW and congratulate her. One year really is such an accomplishment. She also gives her stats, experience, and goals. Definitely, check her out!


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An from BeautybyAn shared this post on Essence Soo Glo and Soo Blush products. Her photos are gorgeous and this is such a great review. I am totally going to pick up these products if I can find them. The highlight is stunning!

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Samantha from Samantha Wickes takes us on a beauty journey to the 1970s. She gives us a history lesson on beauty trends during this era. The looks she creates are amazing and I highly recommend you check out her post!

list of linkups for bloggers

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If you have been wanting to join some link ups, Chelsea from Chow Down USA shares this amazing list. She breaks the blog link ups down by days. It is a very helpful reference and I highly recommend bookmarking this post.

blogger collaborations, blogger collaboration ideas, how to collaborate with bloggers

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Rachel from The Haute Notes shares this awesome post on blogger collaborations. If you have been wanting to collaborate, here are a few amazing tips on collaborations. Also, I am always up for collaborating with other bloggers. Hit me up ( if you would like to collaborate with me!

8 Truths About Blogging: Things Bloggers Wish Non-Bloggers Knew!

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Alicia from Go Live Explore shares her 8 truths about blogging. I love her points and can relate to all of them. Her points about blogging are great and we can all take pointers from her. Make sure you check out her post and see if you can relate.

How To Create a Killer Content Calendar That Actually Works

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If you have been wanting to get organized with your blogging, this post is for you! Kimberly from Kimberly Ann Jimenez shares this post on how to create a content calendar. This post is so detailed and gives so many amazing tips. It really is so amazing and you must read it!

Make Your Own DIY Collapsible Lightbox

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Marie from The Inspiration Vault shares her DIY collapsible lightbox. This lightbox would be so perfect for taking amazing photos. I love that you can do it yourself and I am totally going to make one to up my photography skills. Are you going to make one too?

take better iPhone pictures

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You all know how big a fan I am of Amanda from Amanda Bella and she is at it again with an amazing post. She shares her tips for creating amazing iPhone photos. They are amazing and will totally up your photography game. I definitely took notes from this post and it is a must read!


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Tami from Beauty By Tami shares this DIY rainbow highlighter. I love the look of this highlighter and it has been sold out on Etsy forever! Tami created her own DIY version of this highlighter using $1 eyeshadows. I think this is one of the best DIY rainbow highlighter posts I have seen. It really looks like a highlighter and something you could actually wear. I am totally going to attempt to do this using Tami’s instructions!

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Rossy from AYR Galaxy created a couple outfits taking inspiration from Pantone’s top 10 spring colors. I love the quick and easy styles she came up with and I love the style of this post. I highly recommend you check out this post and leave her a sweet comment!

The Top 5 Little Known Ways to STAND OUT on Pinterest | Not sure what you should be doing on Pinterest to gain followers and increase recognition of your biz and brand? We've got you covered with the top 5 (little known) tips on how to increase your visibility on Pinterest!

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Summer from The Lady Boss League shares this AMAZING post on how to grow your Pinterest. I have been working on growing my Pinterest and these tips are so awesome. They are actually attainable and I am totally going to do them. She also has a FREE Pinterest course that I am going to enroll in. I highly recommend this post if you are looking to up your Pinterest game.

The above are posts I have been crushing on this week! I love promoting other bloggers and finding truly amazing content. I can’t wait to start reading posts for next week’s Blog Crushes! What posts were you crushing on? Let me know in the comments below!

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