Attention Everything & Nothin’ Family! Chobani has a new project encouraging people to find their Flavor Soulmate, and has created an awesome chart to help you choose which flavor combination is right for you! I would love for you to take the challenge and let me know which flavor soulmate you are! Also, let me know what weird food combinations you love! Keep reading to find out mine!

Chobani Unique Food Combinations:

Chobani Flowchart


According to the chart, I am Sweet N’ Sweet! This is so right on! My favorite Chobani yogurts are Key Lime Crumble and Peanut Butter Dream! How awesome is that? My answers were:

  1. Guilty Pleasure: Burger
  2. Blasting From Earbuds: Music
  3. Sunday Brunch: Thrown Together
  4. Dream Destination: Resort
  5. Pick Your Seat: Aisle
  6. Are you: Early Bird

What did the chart tell you?

Also, a weird food combination I love is fries dipped in ice cream! I know this is so bad for you…but I LOVE IT! I also eat PopTarts with butter. What are some of your weird food combinations? Tell me in the comments below!