Attention Everything & Nothin’ Family! I have some very exciting news to share with you all today! Chubby Girls Get Skinny (#CGGS) has officially LAUNCHED! I am so excited to share this group with all of you and I hope that you join! Brie (Laqing in Creativity), Japs (MissInformation), Julie (Me, Take Three), and I have started a healthy lifestyle group. The group is headquartered on Facebook. However, we plan to take this group all over social media. I am just so excited these ladies wanted to partner with me in sharing our healthy lifestyle journey! We all hope you join us because this group is truly for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more and find out how to join us!

So What Is #CGGS?

CGGS is a health and fitness group for everyone! Now don’t take the name too serious. We don’t believe you have to get skinny. We simply want us all to be a family that supports each other in our lifestyle journies. This group is open to all bloggers and people who have a want, need, or passion for a change in their lifestyle. You can be a complete beginner or a total expert. We welcome you all! Experts can share advice and tips for us newbies. Newbies can join together and hold each other accountable. 

This group is a way for us all to begin the lifestyles we want to live all the while promoting our blogs. You don’t even need to be a blogger to join the group. You can simply post your daily, weekly, or monthly progress straight to the group. If you are a blogger, you can simply post any health or lifestyle related post to the Facebook page. This way we can all read your lifestyle posts and join along with you. It will also increase your page view counts of course!

To make things even easier for you I have created a few blogging templates you are free to use!



You can simply copy and paste them into a new draft post and just fill in your information.

Now that you know a little about CGGS, you may by asking:

So How Do I Join #CGGS?

Joining is so easy! You simply click join on our Facebook Group! You can also join by clicking the button below:

CGGS FB Button

Once you click join, a request will be sent to us and we will approve you. It really is as simple as that.

Who Can Join And What Are The #CGGS Rules?

ANYONE can join CGGS! You can be a health newbie or a fitness expert. We accept all! And there really aren’t any rules! Just don’t spam the group by posting 100 posts back to back. Also, please don’t link blog posts that aren’t related to lifestyle changes. We want people to come to your blog via your lifestyle posts. The goal is to get people to read your lifestyle post and like you. They can then look around your blog and read all your other content.

Why Was #CGGS Started?

I started CGGS along with Brie, Japs, and Julie. We wanted a group that us “chubby” girls would feel comfortable joining. I see so many amazing fitness bloggers that post amazing content. However, these are geared toward already fit people. It is motivating to look at pictures of healthy individuals. However, it can also be unmotivating. You may think that you need to look like that RIGHT NOW and get discouraged when that isn’t a reality. I have many ups and downs with my journey to a healthy lifestyle. I have gained and lost weight over the years. I start a lifestyle change and then life gets in the way. We all know these struggles and that is why we started this group. We know your pain and how easy it is to get discouraged.

This group is for all of us that have tried and failed. We need a push from others that are going through the same issues. I have found encouragement from others going through the same issues carries more weight than encouragement from someone that has mastered the issue. It feels more realistic and they are more understanding. You need both and that is another reason why CGGS was started.

It truly is a place you can feel comfortable sharing your struggles and a place to receive encouragement. Accountability is so important and is one of the main things we offer at CGGS. The group page is for all of us to share our journies, to encourage each other, to hold each other accountable, and to truly achieve our goals.

All that sounds great…but

How Much Does It Cost?

FREE. Yes, you heard that right. CGGS is completely free. This isn’t weight watchers or a specific diet plan. It isn’t a club that you have to pay membership fees. It is simply a free group for those that want to start a healthy lifestyle. In fact, we plan to hold giveaways in the future depending on the success of the group. So not only is it completely FREE, you may also win FREE stuff! How awesome is that? You can finally achieve the lifestyle you want, be surrounded by a group of people who are going through your same struggles, and you could potentially win freebies. What more could you want? So what are you waiting for?



We have many exciting plans for the future of CGGS so you will definitely want to stick around. I can’t wait to hear your ideas for the group. I also can’t wait to see what the future holds for CGGS! I hope you join and achieve the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. Please help us spread the word about CGGS! The more people that join, the more successful the group will be. The more people the more tips and accountability.

Ways To Spread the Word?:

  • Tweet the post to your Twitter Account (you can use any of the images with Buffer)
  • Tweet about the Facebook Group and use the link
  • Or simply copy and paste this pre-made tweet: Tired of failing at a healthy lifestyle? Join #CGGS today and finally achieve your goals! #lifestyle #blogger
  • Use the CGGS logo at the top of the page and post to your Instagram
  • Mention the group on YouTube and link the Facebook Group in the description
  • Share the group to your Facebook Wall
  • Reblog this post on your blog
  • Write your own blog post about the group
  • Pin any of the images to your Pinterest boards
  • Add our Join #CGGS button to your blog. Click here to see how to do it! 

We are so excited to have you join the group! It really is a group for EVERYONE! Also, many thanks to all the bloggers who have decided to join this group with me! And thanks to all of you who help spread the word! You all mean the world to me! Let’s let the whole world know about #CGGS and that we are making healthy lifestyles actually a reality through attainable goals and FREE accountability.

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