Attention Beauty Lovers! I was given the opportunity by Tryazon to host a purse party. I was so excited about this party and couldn’t wait to host it. I decided to host it for my grandparents and their camping club. I really couldn’t have picked a better group of people to take part in this party. I seriously had such a blast and we all laughed so hard. After a long week, this party was exactly what I needed. Keep reading to learn more about the party and the products we tested.

The Products:

SOI Purse Light:

Image Source: SOI

In 2012 two (male!) college students went to a music festival. All of the sudden, the lights went out and all the women started digging their purses. An idea was born. SOI (pronounced like zoe, not soy) became the first automatic handbag light on the market, meaning it needs no switches, buttons, or anything alike. It illuminates as soon as you start digging the purse and then shuts off automatically. SOI can also be used in suitcases, in hotels, and as a night bathroom light. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, its quality and precision make it a useful gadget and an outstanding gift. SOI video demonstration:

Our Thoughts:

IMG_6842 IMG_6846

This purse light was so awesome! It really does sense your hand and illuminate when you reach into your bag. This device illuminates your entire purse and makes items so easy to find. We laughed so hard because one of the ladies said she found things she didn’t even know was in her purse! Another lady even suggested these lights would be perfect to put by your bedside. When you need to get up in the middle of the night, the light will illuminate the way. I think this is such a great use for the lights. There really are so many uses for these lights. The ladies loved them!

Purchase: SOI

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner:

DUO+ (3.4 Oz + 0.3 Oz)

Image Source: WHOOSH!

Let’s be honest, we know you take your phone to the bathroom. We also know that you sloshed egg on your laptop this morning and we saw you shake hands with flu guy at the mall… we don’t even want to talk about what your kids did before you let them play angry birds on your iPad… Introducing a superior innovation in cleaning that’s powerful and safe to use… because hey, it’s a dirty world out there. Prepare yourself for a rush of clean happiness. WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the solution for Tech Hygiene.

But what the heck is Tech Hygiene?!?

Well when we learned that our phones are 10x dirtier that a public toilet seat, we knew that we could make things better. Tech Hygiene for us is all about a clean new habit: you brush your teeth; you wash your hands – and now you’ll WHOOSH! your screens. Because, frankly, it’d be gross not to.

So what should you use WHOOSH! Screen Shine on?

Everything and anything! It removes the germs and bacteria you can’t see on all of your tech devices (smart phones, tablets, laptop screens, key boards, etc.) plus the dirt and smudges you can see.

So why use WHOOSH! Screen Shine and not the other guys?

1. Safe for all screens

  • Our product is alcohol and ammonia free. There’s nothing in this bottle that will damage, etch or harm any of your screens.

2. Resists Fingerprints, shines like new

  • Our proprietary formula leaves a nano-thin, anti-static and invisible coating that repels and resists dust, smudges and fingerprints.

3. Non-toxic

  • WHOOSH! Screen Shine is 100% safe for you and your family. There is no harmful residue left behind or transferred onto your fingers to worry about.

4. Anti-microbial cloths

  • Using WHOOSH! Screen Shine with our ultra-soft W! microfiber cloth treated with Cliniweave anti-microbial technology makes your devices clean and shine like new.

So how do you make your screen shine like new?

1. Spray our screen shine liquid on the antimicrobial cloth

2. Rub the screen down with the damp cloth – make sure to get into every nook and cranny

3. With a dry spot on the cloth polish the device to remove all the streaks

How do you clean the cloth?

And if you are worried about the cloth don’t be. The anti-microbial treatment of the cloth ruptures the germ and bacteria cells killing them, so you don’t have to worry about transferring them onto a new device.

Once the cloth is dirty, cleaning it is as simple as throwing it in the washing machine with your clothes (but no fabric softener as that damages the antimicrobial coating) and then hang drying it (no drying machine). Then you are good to go again with the cloth – every cloth is good for 35 washes through your washing machine.

For more information and to buy WHOOSH! Screen Shine check us out at: WHOOSH.COM

And for a video demonstration:

Our Thoughts:


“Brand New Phone”

The ladies and the guys loved this product. They all brought their electronic devices to clean. They were amazed that it really did clean their screens. One guy said his phone looked brand new. We laughed so hard because he cleaned his entire phone. It really did remove fingerprints so easily and made all our screens look so shiny. We loved this product.


Image Source: AmiRose

Speaking of devices, so many of us these days need to spend hours upon hours in front of a screen, which can strain our eyes and cause soreness, stinging sensations, and other problems. This is why you need to check out Computer Eyes eye pads from Amirose, based out of London, England. Here are some benefits to using:

  • Fresh cucumber aroma helps lift anxiety caused in daily living.
  • Alleviate the discomfort of stressed eyes caused by long periods of staring at your laptop, tablets and smart phones.
  • Fresh Cucumber with Vitamin E, Chamomile, Green Tea and Aloe Vera
  • 20 pre-moistened pads in a re-sealable sachet
  • Will soothe and rehydrate the eyes
  • Will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • For added freshness store in refrigerator before use
  • Paraben free

Our Thoughts:

IMG_6852 IMG_6853

All the ladies loved these as well. We had so much fun trying them on our eyes. They all said they were cooling and their eyes felt refreshed. They look like cucumbers and smell like them too. They are so thin and felt so great on the eyes.

The Party:

IMG_6848 IMG_6856


Winning His Eye Pads

We just had so much fun! I laughed so much and had the best time. I loved watching everyone try the products and hearing all their thoughts. They really had some amazing suggestions for the products and many of them wanted to purchase them. I think more companies should get opinions from those over the age of 60. They really add so much to marketing. I love the idea of using the SOI light to help illuminate your path. It really would make a great bedside light. I am just so honored I was able to share these products with such an amazing group of people. There are no other people I would rather have hosted this party with. I learned so much and they all have so much wisdom. As you can see from the pictures, we all had so much fun!

I hosted three giveaways and there were three winners. One lady won the second purse light I was sent. Another lady won the screen cleaner. We all laughed so hard when one of the men won the eye pads. He was hilarious and it was just the best! I seriously can’t express how much fun I had hosting this party. I am so thankful all these amazing people wanted to participate in the party. It was a rainy day and this party really brightened the day. They all had fun and want me to host more parties. I really can’t wait to spend more time with this group!

Final Thoughts:

IMG_6854 IMG_6855

I am so thankful to Tryazon for sending me all these awesome products to host such an amazing party. We all had such a blast testing all the products. They all worked so great and many will be purchased. I look forward to the next party I get to host. If you want to host your own party, make sure to check out Tryazon!