Attention Beauty and Fitness Lovers. I am going to be starting a healthy lifestyle and I decided I will be blogging the entire process. I started Everything & Nothin’ to share all aspects of my life and passions. I have completely neglected the fitness part of my blog…Chubby Girl Gets Skinny. However, that is about to change! When I started this blog, I began a lifestyle change and lost a good amount of weight. However, I have now gained it all back and then some. Well, that stops NOW! This isn’t going to be a diet or fitness regimen…it is simply an entire lifestyle change. I wanted to share my progress and failures along the way. I know you all will keep me accountable and we can do this together. If you need to make a health change, I hope these posts inspire you and we can become one healthy Everything & Nothin’ family. I have mapped out my measurements which will be updated weekly/monthly. I have a goal section that will include a new food and fitness goal each week. I will keep a running count of these goals so you can start from the beginning with me. Each week I will be adding a new goal to accomplish in each category. In time, I may add more than one goal each week. However, I find the best way to change is to start one step at a time. The food section is my food diary. Pictures of what I ate for the day will be included here. And to finish off each post is the feelings sections. Here I will discuss how I am feeling and how I did with the current week’s goals. I will also give you inside into my personal life. This post is pretty much my health diary! I hope you will enjoy this journey and follow along with me. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, we can still learn from each other. I would love to hear your weekly goals and any tips/tricks you have. I hope these posts are fun and inspirational to all of you! Let’s Get Moving!

Note: I am in no way a health/fitness expert. This is simply my journey and what I find works/doesn’t work for me. 

Current Measurements

Week 1 Goals

Food Goals:

Week 1: Drink more water (only 1 nonwater beverage allowed per day)

It is so important to drink water. I have become really terrible at drinking water and it is a must I get more water into my system. I won’t bore you with all the science behind the benefits of water because I am sure you already know them or can always Google them. What I will say is that water is zero calories and you need it to survive. Nonwater beverages have so many calories or are just not very good for you. I drink a ton of calories and I have to change that. This week I am going to drink more water and limit my nonwater consumption to only one glass a day.

Fitness Goals:

Week 1: Walk 20 minutes 2 times per week

Fitness is so important and moving keeps your body functioning its best. It has been months since I have worked out so I am starting small. I am going to walk for 20 minutes a day 2x this week. This will start my body into the fitness mode. As the weeks progress, my fitness routine will become more aggressive as my body gets strong.

Note: Before pictures will be coming soon! I can’t wait to see my progress along the way! And I can’t wait to hear/see yours! 



  • Chobani Simply 100 “Crunch” Yogurt
  • Swiss log and reduced fat wheat thins
  • cranberry grape juice (my one nonwater beverage)





  • Pizza Hut Chicken pizza
  • BBQ Wings
  • 1 Garlic Knot (wasn’t a huge fan of these)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie (AAA such a weakness)

Insert emotional eating time again!! Terrible…I know! Soon to be goal…find better way to deal with stress

Accomplishments / Feelings

I am so happy to be starting a lifestyle change. I did pretty well with my food goal today. I only drank some cranberry grape juice in the morning. The rest of the day I drank water. I ate a decent breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I did it again…I splurged. I ate way too much Pizza Hut. I know this isn’t good for me and will change. Remember this is a lifestyle change and it doesn’t happen overnight. I am sticking with my goals for this week and next week will be adding new ones. One of my goals coming up will be to limit my fast food consumption. It is so easy to just pick something up on the way home (and of course I never choose the healthy stuff). However, I know I will be able to get through this pitfall!

Work went pretty well today. We weren’t as busy which was nice. We threw a ton of stuff away and I was sad to see it all go. Customers have been a little rude lately which makes going to work even harder. I just wish the store wasn’t closing!

Do you feel like time is just going too fast? That is how I feel. I can’t believe it is almost May! LIKE WHAT!!! I have so many posts I have to finish this weekend. I just feel like I never have enough time in the day. I really need to work on priorities and time management. I kinda suck in those departments (haha). I really do look forward to what this next chapter of my life holds. I am so glad to have you all along for the ride! Each and every one of you means the world to me!

I am now hiding in a corner because I have to share with you some dreadful news. I didn’t work out again today! Finding time to workout is harder than it looks. AKA I need to change my priorities. I am going to do it tomorrow…NO EXCUSES! I have to because there is only tomorrow and Saturday left for this week. I just have to get this lazy butt out of bed in the morning. It will happen! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me throughout this journey. I am excited to be living my life again! I would love to hear what all you did today and ate! Share anything with me in the comments below!