Brows are still all the rage. Brows frame the eyes and can really change how a person looks. They are one of the most important facial features and are often neglected. Every cosmetic company has been releasing brow products. However, Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) is a company that specializes in brows. They make amazing brow products and it is tough to compete with them.

I love strong and full brows. However, I have not been blessed with them. I definitely need help from brow products. BDB recently released Micro Pencils which I was so excited to hear. “The ultra fine tip on this creamy/dreamy, self-sharpening pencil allows you to actually mimic the look of individual brow hairs for natural-looking results. The waterproof formula goes on like a dream and stays in place at the beach, pool, and gym.” I love brow pencils and couldn’t wait to add this pencil to my brow routine. Keep reading to see how I do my brows.

My Step By Step Brow Guide:


Step 1: Fill In Brows With Pencil


I used the BDB Micro Pencils in Taupe to fill in my brows. I really love this brow pencil because the tip is so small. The small tip allows for precision and really allows me to give my brows a natural shape. It is really creamy and easy to work with. I also love that they come in four shades so you can find your perfect match. I am just obsessed with this pencil!

Step 2: Set Brows


I use the BDB Brow Gel to set my brows in place. This brow gel is amazing and really keeps everything in place. It gives me confidence because I don’t have to constantly check on my brows. It lasts all day and keeps my brows looking amazing. I also love that isn’t clumpy and it doesn’t remove any product (I hate when brow gels remove product).

Step 3: Conceal Top of Brow


I use the concealer side of the BDB Brow Duo Pencil to define my brows. This concealer is amazing and so creamy. I define the shape and blend out. This really helps the brows look clean and neat. I love this step and it really makes a difference.

Step 4: Highlight Brow Bone


The final step to achieving perfect brows is to highlight the brow bone. I really love the highlighting side of the BDB Brow Duo Pencil. It is the perfect matte highlight shade. It really draws the light to the brows and gives the brows a lifted effect. It is so creamy and easy to use. I just love it

Step 5: Admire the Brows

IMG_6744 IMG_6747

Now that you completed your brows take a few seconds to admire them. Notice how your face looks better and complete. I really love the new BDB micro pencils for achieving the perfect brows. They have really helped me amp up my brow game.

Additional Information:

The Micro Pencils come in four shades: Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, and Raven. I used the taupe shade for my brows. Which shade would you use for your brows?

These Micro Pencils retail for $16 each! Are you grabbing them? How do you do your brows? What products do you use? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from Billion Dollar Brows. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try.