Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from Valentia. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try. 

Attention Beauty Lovers! I have a new skincare product from Valentia to review for you! I am a huge skincare junkie and love trying new products. I also am now a huge fan of Valentia products (see post here) and couldn’t wait to try the Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub. I love scrubs and love testing new scrubs. I am a firm believer that to prevent aging you must start with skincare. Makeup can only cover so much. Taking good care of your skin has to start at an early age. Onto the review!


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Valentia says this about the product (from Valentia):

More than your average scrub, our Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub sloughs off dead skin, provides hydration, and rejuvenates your face. Antioxidant rich green and white teas fight wrinkles, dullness, and unevenness, while Jojoba beads gently scrub away dead skin without damaging healthy skin cells. Our nourishing trio tropical butters rehydrate skin, helping to repair signs of aging that will leave skin looking luminescent all day long.

Health Benefits

  • – Brightens & revives skin
  • – Improves skin tone & texture
  • – Removes dead skin cells
  • – Softens the skin
  • – Prevents future breakouts

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

Green and White Tea: Packed with polyphenols and potent antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-aging effects.

Aloe Vera: This nutrient-rich botanical moisturizes the skin and fights aging by improving skin firmness.

Jojoba Beads: Gentle beads that work to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin.

Olive, Avocado & Kukui Butter: This nutrient-dense trio is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, and E helps nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin while combating pro-aging free radicals.

Directions for using Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub:
Use a small dollop in a circular motion on face for gentle exfoliation, with fingertips or cloth, rinse off with warm water.

My Thoughts:

Click the (+) to see my skin after the scrub! Note: the first picture has the scrub applied

I was really impressed with this scrub. It has a nice herbal scent that isn’t overly strong. I really enjoyed the scent. It also works really well and didn’t irritate my skin. It left my skin so soft and smooth. The beads are not harsh, but they really remove all the dead skin. I didn’t have to use much of this product at all. The consistency is so weird, but it works so well. I really loved this scrub and I highly recommend trying it!


  • Not Irritating
  • Herbal scent that doesn’t stink
  • Isn’t too harsh
  • Smoothing
  • Non Drying


  • Nothing




I really enjoyed this scrub so much. My skin feels so smooth and even. I just can’t say enough good things about this scrub! I love it!


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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from Valentia. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try.