Attention Beauty Lovers! If you love DIY skincare recipes, then you are going to love this post! I want to share with you a deck of skincare cards: Decopedia’s Natural Skincare Deck. This is not your ordinary deck of cards. This deck of cards includes skincare DIYs. How awesome is that? Continue reading to learn more about these cards and how to get a pack for yourself. These would make amazing gifts (think Mother’s Day). I just love them and can’t wait to try all the recipes. Let me know your thoughts on this deck of cards in the comments below! 


About The Deck: 

Get ready to glow with homemade skincare recipes, designed to enhance your natural beauty and treat every type of skin concern with Deckopedia’s new Natural Beauty Skincare Deck. 

With the help of passionate botanical skincare specialist, Katrina Schenfield, the Deckopedia staff created skin regimens to help people of all ages discover the true beauty of their skin. The Natural Beauty Skincare Deck identifies issues by skin type and tackles them head-on with all-natural product recipes and lifestyle tips. The homegrown recipes use fresh ingredients and essentials oils to breathe life back into tired, damaged skin. If you’ve ever considered going natural with your skincare regimen but were too intimidated by the hassle or cost, this deck is for you! And guess what? It’s easier than you think, and you probably already have many of the ingredients in your own kitchen. 

The recipes will guide you as you create your very own custom beauty products, dark spot correctors, and more. There is even a recipe card where you can create your very own sunscreen, plus sections for mature skin and recipes for baby’s ultra-sensitive skin. 

Note: click second image to see sample card


My Thoughts:

  • I love this deck of cards so much
  • The font is gorgeous and so easy to read
  • I also love all the colors
  • The recipes are amazing and I can’t wait to try them all
  • I am sure you will see my creations in posts
  • These decks make great gifts and this skincare deck is so perfect for Mother’s Day
  • I love that each card includes the recipe as well as the frequency (in which to use the product) and the shelf life.
  • This deck is just amazing and I love having it on display
  • I highly recommend checking out Deckopedia!

About Deckopedia

Deckopeida Publishing is the brainchild of French-born entrepreneur Caroline Chabert Graeff, a former professional snowboarder. Her passion for sports – surfing, yoga, tennis and snowboarding – is equally matched by her love reading, travel and self-improvement. But as a busy mom of two, she knows how precious time is. She is always looking to learn, to grow and to inspire others as well. Graeff envisions Deckopedia as an attractive, easy-to-digest way for time-crunched people to find reliable information on several exciting lifestyle topics, including The Natural Beauty Skincare Deck, Super Smoothies: Blending Your Way To Radiant Health, Replenish: A Collection of 50 Hearty Juices and Elixirs, and 50 Ways to a Better You: A Modern Guide to Happiness, Wisdom, and Well-being. 

Make sure to check out Deckopedia and all the amazing decks of cards!


This deck retails for only $19.95 here!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try.