Hey Beauty Lovers! Below are my crushes for the month of March! I am sure I am missing a ton of them because I haven’t done this post in forever! I am so glad to get back to this post because I have missed it! What were you crushing on during March? Let me know in the comments below!


1. Valentia Plumping Hydration Mask & Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

IMG_4708 IMG_5430

I have really been enjoying Valentia products. They really are amazing and these are quickly becoming holy grail skincare items. My skin just feels amazing every time I use them. I have done full reviews of these products here and here!

2. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer 


I love this stuff so much! It smells amazing and comes in a couple different varieties (I love them all). It really does moisturize my skin so well and when I am in a hurry this product is a lifesaver.

3. Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid 


I received this in a FabFitFun awhile ago. However, I didn’t think much of it and just threw it in a box. I totally didn’t realize how amazing this product was until I needed a quick moisturizer. I couldn’t find the one I usually keep on my vanity so I pulled out the box and there was the product. I thought why not. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago because I just love it so much. It has a beautiful pearlescent finish. It is so hard to describe and it almost like magic. I love dotting it on and blending it with my foundation. It gives my skin such a radiant (but not at all oily) finish. I have tried over products like this, but this one is definitely the best. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

4. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


This product is a cult favorite and for good reason. I use it every single day. I love it for removing makeup and it does a wonderful job. It doesn’t remove really tough waterproof makeup, but it does remove everything else. I also love using it in the morning to wake me up and refresh my skin. I highly recommend this product if you have never tried it.

5. Billion Dollar Brows


I love Billion Dollar Brows and use them every single day to do my brows. Their products really are amazing and they know what they are doing. Enough said…they are amazing! I did a full review of them here.

6. Covergirl The SuperSizer


This mascara is amazing! I use it all the time. I like it best in combination with a volumizing (thicker brush mascara). I use it for separating and lengthening my lashes. It does such a great job. If I want a really natural lash look, I will just use this mascara on its own. It doesn’t clump and it is one of my favorite mascaras of all time. I show exactly how I use it here.

7. Hamptons Glow Winter Glow


I have been a huge fan of Hamptons Glow ever since I was introduced to them. The owner is such a sweetheart and you can tell she is so passionate about her products. All of her products include anti-aging and beneficial skin ingredients. She takes self-tanning to the next level. I love how natural the products look. One of my absolute favorite products is the Winter Glow. I didn’t think much of this at first besides that it smelled good. However, I forgot my moisturizer after my shower and had this on the counter. I picked it up and put it all over my body. At first, I noticed it really did moisturize my skin and it gave me a really subtle glow. However, the magic happened a few hours later. I was at work and happened to look down at my skin and it had such a beautiful sun-kissed color. It looked so natural and not self-tanned at all. I was beyond impressed and now use it every single day. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I did a full review on this line here.

8. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 


I had heard so many people raving about this product and bought it awhile ago. However, I never tried it until recently. I now know why people love it. It really is a great concealer! It is a pretty thin consistency, but somehow it still covers. It is great for highlighting under the eyes. A little goes a long way and you have to be careful because the applicator can deposit a ton of product. I usually just dab on a few dots and shape it out with my finger. I then blend in with a cosmetic brush. I love the effect it gives and that it truly lasts all day.

9. Sun Bum Key Lime Lip Balm


I never thought I could love a lip balm so much. First, I love the name (totally cracks me up). Second, I love the packaging with the hilarious monkey. Third, I love how this product makes my lips feel. They really feel so hydrated and protected from the sun. So many times we forget that our lips need production too. And fourth (the best part), the lip balm tastes AMAZING. It comes in a bunch of different flavors and I really love the key lime flavor. It tastes so sweet and delicious that it is so hard not to lick off. It makes me want to apply a balm because I love how it tastes. Totally boyfriend worthy. I just love it! I did a review of this line here.

10. Bed Head Hair Dryer


I rarely blow dry my hair, but when I do I have been reaching for the Bed Head Curlipops Diffuser Dryer. This dryer is so fun to look at and it works so well. It dries my hair in half the time and is just so easy to use. It is lightweight and doesn’t strain my arms. I just love it. I did a full review of it here.

11. Sun Bum Leave in Conditioner


My hair is so long and gets tangled so easily. I hate having to work forever getting the tangles out. I am so glad I was introduced to the Sun Bum leave in conditioner. It is so amazing and smells great…totally appropriate for summer. It detangles my hair like it is nothing. My hair is left so soft, smooth, and easily manageable. I don’t think I can live without this leave in conditioner. I did a full review here.

12. éprouvage Hair Care


I have featured this product line before, but I just had to mention it again. It smells so good and is the best smelling hair care line ever. I totally want a perfume in the scent. It also really does give my hair volume and has been helping my hair so much. It is such high quality and even my hairdresser has noticed a difference in my hair. I can not say enough good things about this line. I did a full review here.


1. Fuller House

Fuller House Poster

Image Source: IMDB

I was a huge fan of Full House as a kid and watched every episode multiple times. I also own the entire collection on DVD. When I saw Netflix was releasing a sequel, I was beyond excited and just couldn’t wait to watch it. I was so glad when Season 1 was finally live. I sucked my boyfriend into watching it with me and he loved it too. It follows DJ and her three boys along with Stephanie (her sister) and Kimmie (her best friend). They bring back members of the original cast along the way too. Even if you never watched Full House, I still think you would enjoy the show. I laughed so much and I just can’t wait for the next season to be released. I highly recommend this Netflix series.

2. Ant Man

Image Source: Gstatic

I had seen previews for this movie and wanted to see it. I finally got around to watching it and loved it. The beginning was a bit slow and hard to follow. However, it picks up quickly and I couldn’t turn my head from the television. It is such an action packed movie and I highly recommend it. I am not a superhero movie fan, but this one was great!

3. Chobani Apple Cinnamon Yogurt

Image Source: Chobani

I love yogurt and this one is so good. It has bits of apple and cinnamon inside. I just love it and totally need to buy more!

4. The Leah Factor


This is such a great book and I have really been enjoying reading it this month. It dives into what true beauty really is! I recommend this book to all women and I will be rereading it as soon as I am finished!


I have been loving so many songs this month and the past months that I haven’t posted my crushes. Therefore, I will leave my Spotify playlist so you can listen to them.


These are just a few of the blog posts that I enjoyed reading and stuck out in my mind this week! Also, if you have any posts you enjoyed reading or wrote yourself and would like me to read, please leave them in the comments below. I don’t want to miss any awesome posts. 

1. 5 Tips To Keeping Organized

Claire from Clarina shared this post on her tips for keeping organized. I really need to work on my organization skills and these are very helpful. If you need to improve your organization skills or just love reading these types of post, I highly recommend checking out this post.

2. Sephora Superstars 2015 Review

Kristy from Hippylip shared this post on a review of the Sephora Superstars kit. I have had my eye on this kit because it includes many cult favorite products. I have been waiting for a good review on it. I love how she set up her review because she lets you know if she think it is a superstar item or not (how cute)!

3. Engagement Photos

Autumn from ForeverAutumn13 shared this post on her engagement photos. I am a sucker for anything romantic (Hey…I am a girl..HAHA). Her photos turned out gorgeous! Her hubby to be and her are seriously the cutest! Head on over to her blog to wish them a very happy marriage!

4. Try An Ice Facial Yes Ice Facial

Brittney from Skin Care Lovely shared this post on how to do an ice facial. I am totally going to try it! She is going to do this once a week and I think I am going to join her! She is an  Esthetician so she should know what she is talking about!

5. Fitness Friday #18: Quick Clean Up!

Kaitlyn from Me, Myself and Everything Else shared this post on how to clean up quick after a workout. I loved reading this post and she gives great tips. She also shows her before and after so that you can see it really does work.

6. 4 Tips Towards Amazing Blog Photos 

Abbey from LittleBeautyBlogXO shared this post on how to take amazing blog photos. One thing that I am totally lacking is photography skills. I need all the tips I can get. She gives four great tips that I am definitely going to incorporate into my photos.

7. Cherry Blossoms

Rossy from Ayrgalaxy shared this post on her trip to see the cherry blossom trees. I am so jealous because I don’t have these trees anywhere close to me. They are so gorgeous and her photos are amazing!

8. 1 Year Blogiversary

Jodi from A Brash Attitude is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary! Everyone head over and congratulate her because that is such an accomplishment.

9. Memories In Milan

Amanda from Amanda-Bella shared this post about her adventure in Milan. She is currently on a European trip and I am just so jealous. She has seen some amazing sites and I just love seeing her amazing photos. I totally want to see Europe one day!

10. My Blog is One Year Old

Laura from Little By Laura is also celebrating her 1 year blogiversary! Everyone head over and congratulate her because that is such an accomplishment.

11. Beginners Guide to Blogging

Corinne from Organic By Nerve shared this post on her guide to starting a blog. She gives great tips and I love the setup of the post. It is a quick read yet very informative.

12. 5 Favorite Mascaras Put To The Test

Samantha from Samanthaa shared this post on testing 5 eyeliners. She tested 5 high-end eyeliners  and gives a great comparison. She also picked a winner and I must say from the pictures…I definitely agree with her. I really love her pictures showing the before and afters. This is a very well written post!

13. How Much Is Your Face Worth

Melissa from Lash-Eyed Beauty shared this post on how much her face is worth. I think this is such a clever idea and I am totally going to have to tally up the cost of my face. She breaks down the products used and how much they all cost. I love her hilarious GIF too! It is amazing how much your face really costs!

14. Colour Correcting 101

MakeupBySehar shared this post on how to color correct. This is a very informative post and a great read. She shows exactly where to place different color correctors and why. I love her graphics and her attention to detail. If you are wanting to learn how to color correct, this is a great post.

15. Beauty Through Decades: 1910

Samantha from Samantha Wickes shared this post on beauty from 1910. She is doing a series where she explains beauty through the decades. She really put so much research in this post and it shows. It is so well written and I love her take on 1910 beauty. She also showcases the era’s beauty icons. I love learning about beauty and this was such a fantastic post!

16. Lifestyle How I Handle My Anxiety 

Rossy from Ayrgalaxy shared this post on how she handles her anxiety. This was so sweet of her to share her tips and a difficult part of her life. Her tips are so great and you can definitely relate to her. It is nice to know someone else may be going through what you are. If you have anxiety, I highly recommend this post.

17. 3rd Blog Anniversary/The Passage Of Time

Charlotte from Charlotte Hoather shared this post about her 3rd year blogging. What an accomplishment! Everyone head over and congratulate her because 3 years is huge!

18. How To: Messy Curls With Hair Straightener 

Meghan from Rambo Kisses shared this post on how to achieve messy curls using a hair straightener. I have yet to master this skill and love how it looks. I can’t wait to try her tips. She gives very detailed step by step instructions. Using her guide, I think I may finally be able to figure this out. I also love her pictures…so cute and funny!