LipMonthly is a monthly lip subscription service. However, they usually include a non lip item as well. I am a total lip junkie, so this subscription is right up my alley. The products come in adorable reusable bags and there is an information card detailing the retail cost of each item. 

Cost: $12.95/month

Ships: To the US, Canada, and Internationally

Coupon: Use Code LIPLOVER to get your first bag for $5 (I am not sure if this code still works…but try it)


This month’s bag was an adorable blue bag with a bunch of flowers. I love it! I know they have horrible costumer service, but I have never had a problem with them. I really hope they work on their customer service so people are not so mad. However, I really do like this subscription. I am however, tired of seeing the same brands over and over. I am so happy this month they had new brands!


Camilla Lipstick in 44 ($14)

This is a FULL SIZE! I love this bright shade and I can’t wait to rock it. The formula feels creamy and I am excited to see how it feels on the lips.


Camilla Lipgloss in 44 ($14)

This is a FULL SIZE! Again, I love this bright shade and it will be great for spring.  I love that they included a lipstick and lip gloss in the same shade so that you can add shine or just leave your lips matte. I can’t wait to try it both ways.

Ecolips Tinted Balm ($4.49)

This is a FULL SIZE! I have never heard of this brand. The tinted balm has a really minty scent which I love. I can’t wait to try it on the lips. The color is really patchy because it is a tinted balm.

Cargo Blush/Bronzer Duo in Catalina & Medium ($10)

This is a FULL SIZE! I really enjoy Cargo Cosmetics so I am excited about this product. The bronzer looks gorgeous for warming up the face and I really love the blush color. I can’t wait to test it out.


I loved this LipMonthly bag! I did like that this month had new brands! I really am excited to try all the products this month. I really love the bag print this month. I know their customer service is terrible, but I really love the value of this subscription.  It is also such a great value for only $12.95 a month! The bag has a retail value of $42.49! I will continue to be subscribed to LipMonthly. What do you think of this month’s bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: LipMonthly increased the price to 12.95/month. However, if you are currently a subscriber you will stay locked in to $10/month for as long you have your current subscription. I think this bag is still worth $12.95!