Attention Beauty Lovers! I was watching YouTube and saw this awesome challenge from @emilynoel83. However, she did hers with the 88 palettes that were ever so popular. I am doing my BINGO challenge with the 96 palette from Shany. This is a great way to get yourself out of a makeup rut. If you don’t know what colors to use, leave it up to chance with this challenge. I can’t wait to see how this look turns out. Keep reading to find out how this challenge works and to see what look I created. What do you think of the challenge? Are you up for it? If you do this challenge, please let me know and leave the links to your posts in the comments below because I would to see them. Also if you enjoy this and would like me to make this a weekly thing, let me know! Onto the challenge!

96 Palette Challenge:

Step 1: Pick Your Palette


You can essentially do this challenge with any palette that is set up with rows and columns. I chose the Shany 96 color palette.

Step 2: Cut Out Numbers


Cut out as many numbers as there are rows and columns in the palette. You will want to divide these numbers into two piles…one for rows and one for columns. My palette has 12 columns and 8 rows. Therefore, I made two piles. One pile was numbered 1-12 and the other pile was numbered 1-8. Note: I cut little pieces of paper and each piece had a different number.

Step 3: Put Numbers Into Two Containers


I put each pile into a different container. One container contained the numbered rows (1-8) and the other the numbered columns (1-12).

Step 4: Pick Your BINGO colors


Now all you have to do is pick your colors. Draw one number from each container (start with the column container) and the coordinates are your colors. You are going to pick 5 colors (Hence BINGO). These colors are to be used in the eye look you create. For example…My B coordinates are 12, 4. Therefore, the color is column 12 (the last column)…row 4 (4th color down). This is a brown shade. I then picked the rest of my colors just like that. Note: Put numbers back into appropriate container each time so that all numbers are available for each draw.

Step 5:


The final step is to create your eye look. You can pull in any other products you want (bases, eyeliners, mascara, etc), but you must use all five colors somewhere in the eye look. How fun is that!

How do you think this eye look turned out? I think it is so much fun and I really love how it turned out. I never wear these purple/pinks shades on my eyes and would never had paired them with a bronze. However, I love that this challenge took me out of my comfort zone and made me create a new eye look. I actually really love it and can’t wait to do another look. If you do this challenge, I would love to see what palette you used and how your look turned out. Please link the post or social media posting in the comments below!