Top Image Source: Fish Keeping Advice

This tutorial will be the fifth tutorial in my Mirror Image Series.  A mirror image is, “an image or object that is identical in form to another, but with the structure reversed.” Therefore, I plan to take images from nature and life and create makeup looks inspired by these images. The looks will be a reflection of what I see in the image. Beauty is more then just external. It comes from within. The beauty found in nature and in life is beauty in pure form. I hope you enjoy this series and the looks I create.


I think betta fish are beautiful. I love all the colors that they display. Many people have them as pets because they are so beautiful to look at it. Each fish is truly unique in their patterns of colors. Similarly, all humans are unique. We all look different and have unique personalities. Betta fish also like to be left alone and will fight another fish that enters their territory. We can all be like that sometimes too. It is nice to be left alone every now and again. However, let’s not get too use to that because human interaction is also important. It is important to learn to get along with people and learn from others. So remember to not be like the betta fish…get out there and interact. And like the betta fish…remember you are unique and beautiful! Well, let’s get to the tutorial.


MIRRORimage Betta Fish

Final Thoughts:


I hope you enjoy this look!! If you recreate it, let me know in the comments below. If you want more:

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