Hey Beauty Lovers. So Valentine’s Day is almost here. Whether you have a significant other or not, you can still get all dolled up (even if it is just for yourself). It is nice to glam yourself up every now and again. I don’t know about you but when I put effort into my look, I feel confident and beautiful. What better time to rock that glam look than Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday dedicated to love so why not share it with all your loved ones. Keep reading to see how I get all dolled up for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Makeup:



I went for a high glam look on my eyes. I used a lot of rich warm shades with pops of pinks and cranberries. I also added some accent lashes and strong winged eyeliner for extra drama.


For the face, I went for high coverage and flawless. I wanted my face to look perfect for my valentine. I added some rosy cheeks and a soft highlight (totally doll like…right?) For the lips, I kept them neutral. My eye makeup is heavy  so neutral lips are best. I lined them with a dark lip liner and added a nude lipstick in the center. I topped my lips off with a nude gloss. This process makes my lips look fuller and more kissable (perfect for that special Valentine’s Day kiss).

Valentine’s Day Hair:


Now let’s get some volumized model-like hair!

This is how my hair looks before:


Step 1: Deep Condition Your Hair The Night Before



It is so important to deep condition the hair to keep the hair looking its best. I really love ColorProof Evolved Color Care CrazySmooth™ Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque ($48)* for deeply hydrated hair. “De-frizz, moisturize, repair and transform frazzled tresses into omg-crazy-smooth-soft-sleek-gorgeousness. Breakthrough ingredient blend including soybean lipids, seaweed and shea butter dramatically condition, restore integrity and add much needed elasticity and tensile strength for healthier, more youthful hair. In just one use, hair instantly looks up to 10 years younger.” You can find this treatment masque in salons and spas. It gives my hair a sleek and shiny look. I love it.

Step 2: Apply A Volumzing Powder


My hair lacks volume as you can see. I need to add in a volumizing powder to my hair. This powder adds texture to my roots and really lifts my hair. If you have thick and volumized hair, you can skip this step. I really love how much volume my hair has once the powder is added and rubbed into the scalp.

Step 3: Begin Curling The Hair


I used a fairly large barrel to curl my hair. I wanted volume not necessarily curly hair. I section my hair and curl the bottom layers first. I left the bottom layers down.

Step 4: Curl and Pin the Top Layers

To add more volume and curls, I pinned the top layers of my hair. This also helps to set the curls so they last all day. I used bobby pins to hold the curls until my hair cooled. For the front layers of hair, you want to curl upward and pin back the hair. This will add even more volume to the top of the head.

Step 5: Add Volumzing Hair Spray

Once all the hair is curled and pinned, add a volumizing hair spray to set the curls. I really love Got2b 2Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray ($5.99).* Pump up the volume to achieve and maintain big, show-stopping, sexy hair with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume hairspray.  Naturally derived rice starch gives locks instant and long-lasting body, texture, and volume. The new Studio Sized can (12 oz.) and high performance BODY 10 boosting complex will bring your hair to new heights and hold for the ultimate 2sexy look. AMP’D 4 PLAY! SO SPRAY AWAY!” It can be found at many food & drug retailers. This hairspray really locks in my style without my hair feeling crunchy. It really gives my curls lots of texture and volume.

Step 6: Tousle Bottom Layer of Hair

I wanted the bottom layers of my hair to look a bit more messy and sexy. I added a pomade to separate the curls and create that messy look. I really like Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Transparent Polishing Pomade ($6.97).* “Experience a strong and flexible hold without flaking and stiffness with this and workable formula that offers control and luster. Synergistic micro-emulsion provides moldable styling control and high shine.” This product can be found at Walmart. It works really well and adds a lot of texture. I also love the way it looks in the tub. It is an iridescent pink and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Step 6: Add A Shine Spray and Unpin the Hair

I topped my hair off with a shine spray to add a glow to my hair. I really enjoy Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic ($6.97)*. “Specifically developed for highlighted and color treated hair. The Schwarzkopf essence ULTÎME Diamond Color & Radiance Shine Boost Tonic provides dazzling color, luminosity and protection, and seals in hair color for anti-fading. Special UV filters offer protection from the sun allowing color treated hair to hold its luster longer.” It can also be found at Walmart. I really love that this product is formulated for color-treated hair. I love that it protects the hair and it smells like perfume. My hair smells amazing and the scent lasts for a very long time. Also, take out the bobby pins and let the curls fall.

Step 7: Run Fingers Through The Hair And You Are Finished


Finally run your fingers through your curls and part hair to the side. You can also add a few more spritzes of hair spray if you like. Your hair is now volumized and you have achieved the Bombshell look. Now go knock em’ dead.

BONUS Valentine’s Day Perfume:

The final touch to the completed Valentine’s Day look is to put on a sexy Valentine’s Day perfume. Scent is so important and can really complete a look. I am obsessing over the new limited edition FRANKIE by Ariana Grande Perfume* ($49). “FRANKIE by Ariana Grande is a celebration of the loving and lively relationship between the celebrity duo, Ariana and Frankie Grande. This limited edition scent embodies their unique and authentic personas with a fresh take on fruity and musky notes for a truly irresistible pairing. This sexy and energetic fragrance opens with a burst of sparkling fruits, while powerful wild orchid and blonde woods ignite a powerful energy that invites you in. The seductive dry down of creamy musks and warm woods leaves you with an irresistible trail that keeps them wanting more.” This perfume can be found exclusively online at select US prestige retailers including:,, It is only available for a VERY LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME. I wish you could smell through the computer because this fragrance is amazing. It is sexy and not too sweet. I just can’t stop smelling myself. It is the perfect date perfume because it is not overwhelming and I know guys would love this smell. Also, the bottle is just beautiful. I am so obsessed!

This completes my Valentine’s Day look. I hope you enjoyed this look and had fun reading about some new amazing products. Now I am going to finish getting ready and go see my stunner of a valentine. Let me know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day in the comments below! Also, let me know what hair and makeup look you are planning to rock! Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!


Disclaimer: I was sent these products (*) for review. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the products to try.