Hey Beauty Lovers! I thought I would do a quick fun post for you all! I am a huge fan of eyeliner and totally couldn’t live without it. I also like experimenting with eyeliner and coming up with fun ways to wear it. I decided to come up with some crazy and fun ways to wear eyeliner. I also used products and even FOOD to create these eyeliner looks. If you all enjoy this post, I can continue finding creative ways to create eyeliner looks. Which do you think is the craziest? Which ones would you try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Also, I would love to see any of your not so typical eyeliner looks. Note: Do not wear anything that can harm your eyes for a long period of time. This was strictly for fun and I took the items off my eyes as soon as I took the picture.

Creative Ways To Wear Eyeliner:


Black +White Eyeliner

I think this eyeliner look is very classy with a hint of fun. It is a slight twist on your average black eyeliner. 


Black + Silver + Blue Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is very modern and edgy. It almost looks like it should be in a science fiction movie. 


Slight Glittery Green Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is very simple, but adds a little oomph to the eyes.


Neon Multi Color Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is very fun and bright. It also reminds me of pop art.


Multi Glitter Eyeliner

This is a twist on your average glitter eyeliner. I love the ombre effect of using multiple glitters.


Star Eyeliner

For this eyeliner look, I used star sequins. It is a fun look and totally out of this world (Haha).


Rhinestone Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is very time consuming, but O so blingy. I wouldn’t do this look unless it was for a photo shoot. However, I love how it looks.

Nerds Eyeliner

Yup, you read that right! I used nerds to create this eyeliner look. This look was strictly for fun.

Pearl Eyeliner

This eyeliner look is totally vintage. This is one of my favorite eyeliner looks I have created so far. I love how it looks and I would totally rock it.


String Eyeliner

This eyeliner look was so simple to do yet it looks awesome. I just took three pieces of colored string and put them together. I then put it on my eyes. I love the effect it gives the eyes.