Hey my Everything & Nothin’ Family! I wanted to pop in really quick and let you all know where I was this past weekend. If you noticed, I wasn’t posting much. Why? Because my amazing boyfriend flew in from Georgia to spend time with me. I wanted to spend every second I could with him because being in a long distance relationship is hard sometimes. However, it really puts time into perspective. I don’t take for granted the time I do get to spend with him. Keep reading to see some pictures from our time together.

He met my entire family and then we played a bunch of games. We also built a gingerbread house together and watched movies. We went to eat at an amazing Italian restaurant around where I live. It doesn’t snow much in Georgia so we enjoyed taking pictures in the snow. We just had such an amazing time together and I was so sad to see him go. I am so excited for him to finish his masters degree in 6 months and then hopefully we won’t have to be in an LDR anymore.

I am back and will be catching up on everything this weekend. Thanks so much for baring with me as I get back on schedule. I am also working a ton more hours at work because I have switched positions. I am working on adjusting my blogging and work schedules. I can’t wait to figure out my time management schedule. I hope by February to have a better schedule of when I post featured posts and beauty posts. I love you all and appreciate every single one of you. Thanks so much for joining me on this blogging ride.

Our Time Together:

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