Brows have been all the rage this year and I suspect they will still be next year. Brows frame the eyes and can really change how a person looks. They are one of the most important facial features and are often neglected. Every cosmetic company has been releasing brow products. However, Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) is a company that specializes in brows. They make amazing brow products and it is tough to compete with them.

I love strong and full brows. However, I have not been blessed with them. I definitely need help from brow products. I have really been loving the BDB Best Sellers Kit. This kit includes everything you would need to create perfectly full brows. It works for both blondes and brunettes. It includes the universal brow pencil, brow duo pencil, smudge brush, and brow gel. This kit is the perfect gift for yourself or it would make an amazing Christmas gift. Keep reading to see how I do my brows and for a chance to win a BDB Best Sellers Kit for yourself.

My Step By Step Brow Guide:


Step 1: Fill In Brows With Pencil


I really love the BDB Universal Brow pencil because it is very creamy and easy to use. I also love that it twists up so you never need to sharpen it. The color is universal and can be used on a variety of different skin tones. Use a light hand for blondes or press a bit harder for brunettes. I love that it has a spooley at the end for brushing out the brows. I fill in my brows and then extend the tail of my brows (this gives the appearance of larger eyes). Once I have the shape I love, I brush them out so they look more natural.

Step 2: Set Brows


I use the BDB Brow Gel to set my brows in place. This brow gel is amazing and really keeps everything in place. It gives me confidence because I don’t have to constantly check on my brows. It lasts all day and keeps my brows looking amazing. I also love that isn’t clumpy and it doesn’t remove any product (I hate when brow gels remove product).

Step 3: Conceal Top of Brow


I use the concealer side of the BDB Brow Duo Pencil to define my brows. This concealer is amazing and so creamy. I define the shape and blend out. This really helps the brows look clean and neat. I love this step and it really makes a difference.

Step 4: Highlight Brow Bone


The final step to achieving perfect brows is to highlight the brow bone. I really love the highlighting side of the BDB Brow Duo Pencil. It is the perfect matte highlight shade. It really draws the light to the brows and gives the brows a lifted effect. It is so creamy and easy to use. I just love it.

Step 5: Admire the Brows


Now that you completed your brows take a few seconds to admire them. Notice how your face looks better and complete. I really love the BDB Best Sellers Kit for achieving the perfect brows. It has really helped me amp up my brow game.

BDB Giveaway:

If you would like to try these amazing products, you can enter to win your very own kit!

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**Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work beautifully with most skin tones and hair colors, this amazing eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural. Plus, the Universal Brow Pencil is automatic—it never needs sharpening and it comes complete with a spoolie brush on the opposite end for effortless blending and a perfect finish.**

**Brow Duo Pencil: Highlights your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth while providing instant visual “lift.” Our highlighter works with every skin tone. Plus, for on-the-go touchups, we added a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. It’s effortless flawlessness!**

**Brow Gel: Our clear brow gel locks in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.
Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil. The perfect Holiday gift to share with a friend and spruce up your look for Holiday and New Years festivities.**

Retail Value: $42

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Final Thoughts:

Brows are a very important facial feature. I love filling in my brows because it really completes my look. The Billion Dollar Brow Best Sellers Kit really is an amazing kit. It contains everything you could ever need to create perfect brows. It is also very affordable. You receive 4 amazing products for only $42. I highly recommend this kit and it really does make an amazing last minute Christmas gift. How do you fill in your brows? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review from Billion Dollar Brows. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the product to try.