Hey Beauty Lovers! Below are my crushes for the month of November! I am sure I am missing a ton of them because November was crazy! Sorry this post is up so late…the past month was insanely busy. Better late than never, right? What were you crushing on during November? Let me know in the comments below!




This is hands down my favorite dry shampoo I have ever tried. I received this product in my November 2015 Featured Birchbox. I just can’t say enough good things about this dry shampoo. It is a white powder, but it blends into the hair quickly. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling gross or full of product. This dry shampoo is amazing at soaking up oil. It makes my hair look so fresh and clean! It also added a lot of volume to my hair. I am in love with it! I highly recommend this dry shampoo.




1. Beachfront Bargain Hunt


This show is on Netflix! My boyfriend and I have been watching it together. I love home shows and this one makes me dream of a beach home. I would love to own a beach property one day. I love seeing all the bargains and trying to decide which home will be the winner.

2. Coloring


I have really enjoyed coloring in November. It is so relaxing and takes so much stress away. I also love seeing how the finished pictures look once they are colored. I am just obsessed with it.

3. Studying


Yes…I love studying. I am such a nerd and I am weird…I know. I loved studying in college and now I am studying to be a pharmacy technician. I have a bachelors in biology, but I am not sure what I want to do in the medical field yet. I was planning on being a dermatologist, but plans change. I am thinking about becoming a pharmacist or a PA now. However, I am unsure. Therefore, I am going to be a pharmacy tech for awhile and decide from there.


1. The Fix (Feat. Jeremih) – Nelly

2. Player –  Tinashe

3. Where Ya At – Future

4. Again – Fetty Wap

5. Be Real – Kid Ink

6. I’ll Show You – Justin Bieber

7. Back Up – Dej Loaf


These are just a few of the blog posts that I enjoyed reading and stuck out in my mind this week! Also if you have any posts you enjoyed reading or wrote yourself and would like me to read, please them them in the comments below. I don’t want to miss any awesome posts. 

1. Motivation Monday: Routines

Maddy from Forever Maddy B shared this post on her morning routine. I love reading about other blogger’s routines. I really love how she set up this post and she has a great routine.

2. Getting Organized: Using Evernote To Simplify Your Beauty Purchases

Danielle from Hungry Sojourner shared this post on how to organize your beauty purchases. I love her idea of using Evernote! How clever is that! She explains how she sets it up and I am totally going to be doing this. I love it.

3. How Do I Get More Followers on My Blog?

Views of Venus shared this post on her tips on increasing your followers. Her tips are awesome and I use many of them myself. All bloggers want to increase their views and followers. I love reading posts on other blogger’s suggestions. This is a great read.

4. 5 Perfume Hacks to Keep You Fragrant Longer!

CARRYURSWAG shared this post on fragrance hacks. I love beauty hacks and really loved this post. I hate when a fragrance doesn’t last long and I can’t wait to try all these suggestions.

5.  Snapchats Every Girl Sends

Christina from Christina Bee X3 shared this on Snapchats most of us girls have sent. This post is hilarious and I laughed so much. I have definitely sent many of these. This is just such a great post. If you are are in need of a smile or laugh, read this post NOW!

6. Simple Morning Routine Hacks

Laura from Looking Joli Good shared this post on morning hacks. I am totally lazy in the morning (well let’s be real…anytime) and anything that makes my life easier, I am all over. She has 4 great morning hacks. I really loved these tips and am totally implementing them into my morning routine.

7. Best Ways To Get Rid Of Your Dark Circles

Kayla from Be Beautiful shared this post on ways to get rid of dark circles. I have very stubborn dark circles and I really enjoyed these tips. I am definitely going to be using them!

8. How To Get Beauty Brands To Collab With You

Toby from Posh & Spicy shared this post on how to get beauty brands to work with you. This post is simply amazing and she is totally awesome for sharing her advice. I am definitely going to use her advice and see what brands I will get to work with. P.S. Make sure you check out her Instagram too because it is so amazing!

9. #WIWTW: Week 9

Amanda from Amanda Bella shared this post on her outfits of the week. If you are not following this girl, you need to NOW! All her posts are amazing and she really is such a great blogger. You can tell she takes so much time on every single one of her posts. Her outfit posts are flawless. I anxiously await these posts every single week. I love seeing what she comes up with. She mixes up her style constantly so you never know what to expect. I also love that she has challenged other bloggers to create their own WIWTW posts. I have really enjoyed seeing what other bloggers come up with too.

10. How To Actually Finish Your To Do List

Gemma from Gemma Plumb shared this post on her tips to finishing your to do list. I really loved her suggestions. I am constantly making to do lists, but not always finishing them. This really is a great post.