Hey Beauty Lovers! In this series, I will take you on a trip down memory lane. I will be highlighting the beauty news and trends of the previous month. I think it will be fun to see what was trending during each month. These are October’s beauty news and trends. Let’s get to trending.


1. beard transplants


Apparently, guys are spending thousands on beard transplants. Some guys fear having a baby face and have trouble growing facial hair. Therefore, they are getting beard transplants. How crazy is that? What are your thoughts? Do you find facial hair attractive? I think guys look good both ways; some look good with facial hair while others look good with the “baby face”. Click here to find out more about this.

2. tie-dye hair

Tie-dye hair is now in! I think this trend looks so awesome and totally want to try it. I might try and do it with wash out coloring. It looks so cool. What do you think? Would you tie-dye your hair? Click here to learn more about this trend and how to achieve it.

3. Paris fashion week trends

Click here to see all the makeup and hair trends from the Paris Fashion week. Which trends are your favorite?


I am a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret. I love their scents and perfumes. They now have a new look and I love the bottles. Click here for more information about the new look. What is your favorite Victoria’s Secret scent?

5. 90’s trends are back

The nineties are back! I am glad some of the trends are back and I love the new tweaks on them. This post details the trends that are back and how to accomplish them in a sophisticated way. Click here to see them all.



The new fall trending lipstick shade is called “desert sand” and is a brown shade. What do you think about this brown color? Did you rock it in October? Click here to find more information about this trend.

7. smart app for finding foundation shade


This app will help match a foundation based on your skin tone. Now your selfies just got smarter. Click here to learn more about this app.

8. orly disney villians collection

Orly released Disney Villians nail collection. They sets are available at Walgreens for $11 each. Click here for more information.

9. color correcting trend

Color Correcting is a makeup step before applying foundation. Color correcting erases dark circles and redness. I love the results of color correcting and am totally trying this trend on myself. Do you color correct? Click here to see what each color corrects and more about the trend.

10. Bubble manicure

Apparently, these thick nails or bubble nails are a new trend in the world of nails. I am not a fan. I think they just look ridiculous. What is your opinion on this trend? Would you ever get bubble nails? Click here to learn more about this trend.

11. candy crush perfume


Candy Crush is a really addicting app game. I am sure almost every one has heard of this extremely popular game. There is actually now a Candy Crush perfume. How awesome is that! I totally want to smell this perfume. I wonder what the game smells like! Click here to find out more about this perfume.

12. Fall hair trend


Mermaid hair was so popular this summer and now it is making a comeback for fall. It is simply just darkened. Click here to read more about this trend.

13. Edible nail polish

This edible nail polish is safe for children. Now painting your child’s nail is a safe trend. They are made with vegetables and fruits and are easily removed with water. Click here to learn more about these polishes.

14. New cleansing brush


This new cleansing brush melts off makeup! It is new technology and sounds so awesome. I really want to try one of these cleansing brushes. I am a huge fan of skincare devices. Click here to learn more about this cleansing brush.

15. Lashes


Huda Beauty Lashes are now available at Sephora! These are extremely popular lashes that were only available in Dubai. They are now available in the United States. They are worn by the Kardashians and are just stunning. I totally need to pick a pair up. Click here to learn more about these lashes.

16. Revlon has a new face


Revlon has a new face for their Love is On Campaign. Click here to learn more about the new face and the campaign.

17. Beauty around the world

This awesome photographer captured 37 different women from around the world. The photographs portray what beauty looks like in different countries. Click here to see all the photographs.

18. Lip Contouring

Lip Contouring is all over Instagram. I think it looks so awesome and there are so many ways to contour your lips. Click here to see quick demonstrations on lip contouring.

19. Leaf-colored hair

Leaf colored hair is the new fall hair color. I think this trend is beautiful and would totally try it on my hair. Click here to learn more about this hair coloring technique.

20. Juice to sheet masks


This awesome gadget makes customized sheet masks from fruits and veggies. I think this looks so awesome. Would you try these masks? Click here to learn more information.

21. Pumpkin spice hair color

There was the leaf-colored hair trend and the pumpkin spice colored hair trend. I don’t know how this pumpkin spice color would look on me, but I think it is gorgeous. Click here to learn more.

22. Gwen Stefani & Urban Decay Palette

We got a sneak peak of the Gwen Stefani & Urban Decay Palette in October. This palette will be released Nov. 22! I totally want this palette and the shades are stunning. Are you going to be grabbing this palette? Click here for more information.

23. Glass Nail Art 

Glass Nail Art is a Korean nail art trend. It looks so awesome and I would totally try it (as long as it doesn’t cut me). What do you think about this trend? Click here to see more information and more glass nail art photos.



This sponge vibrates to help apply makeup better. Click here to learn more about this new beauty device and see if it lives up to it’s name.

24. hair TATTOOS


Flash tattoos for your hair? I think these look so awesome! I am totally going to have to find some. I think they look much better in the hair. What do you think? Click here to learn more about this trend.

25. Awesome new makeup wipe product


This new pop up makeup makeup removal wipe is part of Tyra Bank’s new beauty line. I think they look so awesome and totally need to get some. Click here to learn more.

26. Mac has a new viva glam spokeswoman

Ariana Grande is MAC’s newest Viva Glam spokeswoman. Her selected shade is a dark-plum lipstick. Click here to learn more about this collection.