Picture from Pinterest

Picture from Pinterest

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I love this everyday smokey eye! I do looks very similar to this look and I love it. I am totally going to do this exact look. I love the neutral lip color with the eyes. This is a total work appropriate smokey eye look.

I love this look for fall. Totally love the coat. However, the best part about this outfit is her hair. I wish I was good at styling hair. My only styles are down, in a messy bun, or in a ponytail. So boring…I know! I am totally going to have to start practicing because I want this style!

Again with the hairstyles. I really want to learn how to do more stuff with my hair. This style is gorgeous and looks fairly simple. I am totally going to attempt this.

This coat is simply perfection. Perfect for fall and I would totally wear it all the time. I need to find this coat or something similar to it because I am obsessed!

I love these heels and they would go with just about any outfit. I love how strappy they are and they make your feet look gorgeous. I totally need to find these. However, I am terrible at walking in heels.

I thought this diagram was very helpful. It is a diagram on flattering poses for women. I am totally going to have to get on my posing game. I love all these poses and totally need to recreate them.