Caution: Do NOT read if you are sensitive to opinions!

Hey Everyone! Today, I thought I would write a more personal post. I love writing about beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness, subscription boxes, and well tons of ramblings. However, I think sometimes it is good to share your heart and get a bit more personal. I have loved my blogging journey so far. I have made some amazing blogging buddies and have learned so much from all of you. I love reading other blogger’s posts and I seriously learn so much. I knew I would learn a lot from blogging, but I was not prepared for the immense about of knowledge I have gained.  Blogging has truly enabled me to learn something new every single day (actually a ton of new information everyday).

I have a ton of reasons why I love blogging. I could write for hours and have a whole novel on why blogging is amazing. However, there are some things I dislike about blogging. I thought it is about time I share some of my blogging loves and dislikes. Warning: You may not agree with me on these points and I am totally fine with that. This is MY blog, so I am going to share my honest opinions. You can choose to read them or not (that is YOUR choice). I am going to share three blogging loves and three blogging dislikes. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy this more personal post. Also, let me know if you would like me to write more posts like this. I have many more likes and dislikes. I can definitely start a series on blogging issues. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Now onto the loves and dislikes.

What I love about blogging:

1.) Awesome followers

I seriously love all my awesome followers. You all motivate and keep me blogging. I feel so blessed to have met you all and enjoy reading all your kind comments. My followers really motivate me to keep coming up with new posts. I want to write about what ya’ll want to hear. I never would have imagined I would have so many views and followers. I owe everything to all of you. I can never say thank you enough. I have made so many blogging buddies already and I know I will make many more. My Everything & Nothin’ family is seriously the best. I hope one day I can meet many of you and do something special for all of you.

Seriously, one of the best things about blogging is gaining followers and getting to know other people on a more personal level. You learn so much about yourself from associating with other people. WordPress has the best bloggers (in my opinion) and best people in the world. You all are just amazing.

2.) learning about other cultures

I love blogging because I love learning about other cultures. Blogging has truly opened my eyes to new cultures. I love learning about beauty from all over the world. I also love seeing all the different beauty companies/brands from other countries. Where I live, there is not much culture. Blogging has truly expanded my horizons. I am able to interact with people I would never have been able to otherwise. I am beyond excited to continue learning from bloggers all over the world. I highly recommend following bloggers from many different countries. You never know what you might learn or who you might strike a connection with. Being cultured is important because you never know where life may take you.

3.) share ideas/opinions

I love being able to share all my ideas and opinions. Blogging is definitely an outlet I use to get my all ideas and thoughts into reality. I also love reading other blogger’s ideas. I love seeing bloggers come up with new and unique posts. I love watching blogger’s dreams come true. I see many posts from bloggers achieving their dreams. Some of you have been featured on huge blogs or websites, some of you are brand ambassadors for large companies, some of you strike up big advertising deals, some of you land your dream jobs, and the list goes on and on. I seriously get so excited for all of you that achieve your dreams. I am right there with you celebrating you accomplishments. I really just love reading all your creative posts.


Caution: Do NOT read if you are sensitive to opinions! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

1.) hateful opinionated people

Okay, so here starts the negatives about blogging. The biggest blogging dislike I have is hateful opinions. I am all about sharing your opinions and stating your opinion (in a kind way) on other blogger’s blogs. It is totally fine to disagree, but there is a way to disagree. Please realize you are commenting on SOMEONE ELSE’S blog. This is not your opinion blog. If you want to state your hateful opinion, then write it on your own blog. That way, people can chose to read your opinion if they want or not. I see so many hateful comments when people share their beliefs. It is okay to have different beliefs and opinions, but be friendly about them. If you disagree, simply say you disagree and why. You don’t need to vent on someone else’s post. You don’t need to be hateful and bully others that have a different opinion. Also, you better have evidence if you disagree.

Let me give you an example (and I know many of you won’t like this). I am not against animal testing. I am have a science degree and have tested on animals. I see so many animal activists that have no clue what they are talking about. I see these “activists” comment on blogs and social media stating their strong opinions. I have even seen them comment on posts that have nothing to do with animal testing. Why? This is very annoying. If the blogger is not posting about animal testing and simply blogging about products they love, you don’t need to write about animal testing.

Now I know there are some animal testing facilities that do torture animals, but these are quickly shut down. If you have never been to an animal testing facility, then stop right now. Don’t form your opinions until you visit one. Most animals are not killed when the testing is complete. They are put up for adoption and people do adopt them. An animal testing facility is so much cleaner and loving then a pound. There are vets on staff that treat the animals in case something goes wrong. The animals are loved and they have so many toys to play with. I am positive these animals are treated more kind then many pet owner’s animals. Animal Testing facilities have to pay huge fees to keep the animals every single day. They quickly test on them and then release them. The animals are taken out to play many, many times every day. The state also comes and evaluates the facilities very often to ensure they are up to code. This happens more often then they evaluate restaurants for cleanliness. Think about that for a moment.  So please don’t form your opinion until you have all the facts. The commercials you see are complete lies and many of them have never even set foot into an animal testing facility.

Main point: Don’t comment on other posts that have nothing to do with your opinion. And you better have your facts straight before you voice your opinion. This goes for more then just animal testing. Don’t comment on a blog just to be hateful. There really is no need for that.

2.) people who follow only to get a follow back

This is another huge pet peeve of mine. I am totally for commenting on other blogs and sharing your blog link. I have found many amazing bloggers because of this. I even do it. However, I get so frustrated with people who only follow you so you will follow them. They then unfollow you. What is that point of that? It is so rude! I see that on WP and on social media. They want to get their subscriber/follower count up so they follow everyone. As soon as you follow them back, they unfollow you. That is the most annoying thing. Don’t follow people in the first place if that is all you plan to do. There is no need for you to do that.

It is totally okay to have 100,000 people following you and you follow 150,000 people. If companies don’t like that you follow more people than people follow you, then they aren’t worth working with. I would say WOW that is amazing that they took the time to follow 150,000 people and that 100,000 people followed them back. That would be a huge accomplishment to me.

I am all for self-promotion because that is how you get your name out there. But please, don’t follow others just to unfollow them later. I totally understand unfollowing people who are hateful or rude. That is exception. However, I know people that just follow others to unfollow them. Also if you follow someone and they don’t follow you back, don’t just unfollow them because of that. If you really like a blog or person, follow them because you like them. So what if they don’t follow you back? I follow many blogs and some don’t follow me back. I am totally fine with that. Okay, that is my rant on that issue.

3.) never writing original content

There are some blogs and social media accounts that never write original content. I am all for re-blogging other posts you love or sharing content you find interesting. However, please write why you shared it or something. I will unfollow blogs that only post other people’s content. It gets so annoying and totally fills up my feed. I want to learn more about you and read about what you write. Note: there are blogs that mash other posts together and that is totally fine. It then becomes original because they are making interesting posts easier to find. I am talking about bloggers that only post other people’s pictures/posts. It is fine to do that every now and then, but please write at least a few of your own thoughts/pictures. Does this annoy anyone else?

final thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed this more personal post. I know many of you will disagree with me and I am totally fine with that. Again, this is MY blog so I am going to post what I want to write about. I love hearing other opinions as long as they aren’t hateful. I really do love blogging and love all my followers. I can’t wait to continue this blogging journey and continue to learn from each and every one of you. I have more likes/dislikes I can share. If you enjoyed this type of post, let me know and I will make this post a Part 1. Also, let me know what are your blogging likes and dislikes? I would love to know your opinions (Yes, I am totally asking for you to share your opinions with me). Share your thoughts in the comments below!