Attention Beauty Lovers! I had the privilege of interviewing Marilyn Jones, founder of B Fragranced on her new fragrance launch. I think the bottle is stunning and I love the purple color. The fragrance is called Embellish and “embodies all of the characteristics of female sophistication. Embellish is, “Indulgent yet light, the fragrance infuses sparkling notes of apple and peach with a splash of citron. With B Fragranced’s mission to encourage women to embrace their feminine individuality, the effervescent notes of jasmine and honeysuckle balance the sultry base of soft amber and sandalwood to make Embellish any woman’s signature scent. Once the fragrance touches your skin, it will adjust to your body chemistry and enhance your natural scent in order to emit a fragrance that is simply your own.”

Marilyn lost her mother to breast cancer at a young age. She created this fragrance in honor of her mother and for breast cancer awareness month. I really love the story behind this perfume and was excited to interview Marilyn and share her answers with all of you.

Interview with marilyn jones:

1.) I read that this new fragrance reminds you of your mother (so sorry for your loss), what particularly about the fragrance reminds you of her?

  1. First, I would like to thank you for the interview, I appreciate your interest in my story and brand.
  2. Embellish the scent doesn’t remind me of my mom, However, perfume as an entity does.

Growing up as a little girl, I was always attracted to great smells (perfumes) and that was a result of my only memory of my mom.

2.) What besides your mother’s scent do you remember about your mom? How did these memories inspire the fragrance’s notes?

My mom passed away when I was 5 years old; I don’t have great stories to share that I remember of her. Growing up, I felt myself being very sad, mainly during family functions when older sibling would share stories or moments that they remembered of Mom. At the time, I felt that it wasn’t right that my older siblings didn’t suffer the same loss as I had because they had physical memories, stories and recipes that they learned firsthand to share with their children. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized what I was left with. I have a passion and a love for fragrances and fashion because of her. That was the only thing that I had to hold on to from her. The love for perfumes has become the blueprint for me to create my own Brand. The notes selected in this fragrance are very soft, and as I briefly mentioned, Embellish doesn’t have the scent of my mom – however, knowing that smell is one of the strongest memories we have, I want Embellish to create that memory of a special moment for others.

3.) What do you hope women feel when wearing this new fragrance?

Empowered and Beautiful

4.) What inspired the bottle design (I love the design and it is such a gorgeous bottle?

I wanted something that Embodied Elegance! A bottle that you would surely want on your top dresser, not under or in the cabinet.

5.) I would love to know more information on the inspiring story behind your brand

We’re all guilty of wanting to celebrate wearing or carrying designer Brand. Depending on that Brand it said a lot about your certain status or value.  I wanted that Empowered feeling to be all on that individual. I wanted to allow that person to celebrate themselves in that moment. There’s nothing like celebrating yourself. Now with the Brand {ME} when someone ask you what are you wearing, you can proudly say {ME}! Celebrate who you are!

6.) I love that the fragrance will adjust to your own body chemistry. Can you tell my reader’s and I more about this?

Sure, Embellish can smell differently on a number of people. We all are different – there’s not one person in this world that we share with 7 billion people share the same unique fingerprint. Having said that, it just confirms how different we all are, and depending on your body chemistry and oils that you may wear, One would smell differently Which supports more of the reason to say {ME} when asked what are you wearing?*

7.) What is your favorite feature about this new fragrance and what makes this fragrance different from other fragrances?

I love it all – the color, the bottle, but of course my favorite is the scent; it’s soft and something that you can wear in the office. We wanted to have something brought to the market that’s not as strong (heavy on the musk) as a number of the fragrances that one would find out on the shelves. I wanted something that wasn’t too floral, just a touch of it, but not overbearing. I wanted that scent that you want more of J, which you can find at  For your audience, we’re offering free shipping on any order during the month of October with promo code” FREESHIP at checkout.

Final thoughts:

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and learning a little bit more about Marilyn and her story. I can’t wait to sample this perfume and add it to my collection. It is such a gorgeous perfume. If you would like to order one for yourself, click here! You can receive a FREE purse-sized sprayer of Embellish plus FREE shipping with code PINKFIGHT! Also, 25% of all purchases during the month of October will be donated to Susan G Komen, a non-profit organization dedicated to breast cancer awareness. I think this is an awesome way to give back and to treat yourself at the same time. What are your thoughts on this perfume? Did you enjoy reading Marilyn’s thoughts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!