Attention Beauty Lovers! I just want to pop in really quick and show you what was in my mystery box giveaway that ended on Oct. 1, 2015! Nena from Younfolded won! This is what I sent her. Also, I won a giveaway from the lovely Hannah! Her blog is Louboutins and Lipstick. She is so sweet and I was so thrilled when I won. I never win giveaways like ever. Make sure to check out both Nena and Hannah! They are such lovely girls with amazing blogs. Keep reading to see the pictures. Also, don’t forget to enter my next giveaway. This giveaway will be totally tailored to the winner (which could be YOU) and I am just so excited for this one. Click here to enter!

mystery box giveaway contents:

IMG_1844 IMG_1843

Giveaway I won (hannah’s) contents: