This post has been much requested, so I caved and decided to post my favorite subscription boxes. I am a subscription box addict and am constantly signing up for new boxes. I have had many of these subscriptions long, long before I ever started blogging. This is such a hard post for me to write because I really love most all subscription boxes that I am subscribed to. Note that this list is as of currently. I am sure I will try more boxes in the future and this list will change. As companies grow and better their selections, this list may also change. Note also that this list is the boxes I subscribe to. There are some other amazing boxes out there, but they are a little out of my price range currently. I hope this list helps you in knowing which box to pick based on your interests.

I arranged the list in different categories. I couldn’t pick just one box because they are all so different. Some of the boxes are hard to compare and are easier to rank in categories. However, I did pick my top three overall boxes. Now let’s get to the boxes.

Subscription Box Guide:

Note: Updated as of 12/16

Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links (*) for your convenience. CLICK HERE for my full disclaimer.

Top Under $20 Boxes:

1.) Ipsy*

I have been signed up for Ipsy since the very first bag. Therefore, I am a little partial to this subscription box/bag. I love that all the products come in a cute reusable bag. I keep all the bags and use them when I travel. They are just so fun. This bag mostly contains beauty items (makeup, skincare, hair products, body care). Ipsy sends many different product variation bags every month. I love that they include FULL SIZE and sample size items. The value way exceeds the cost of the bag. I have discovered some awesome new beauty brands through this subscription. You really can’t beat this subscription at only $10/month. I also think they have a pretty good point system for reviewing items (this allows you to get more items in your bag). Click here to check out my Ipsy reviews and for more information on this service.

2.) TomBox*

Note: I no longer subscribe to this box but I still recommend it! This subscription does not get much hype, but it totally should. It is a time of the month subscription, but can also be just a beauty subscription. They offer many plan selections so you can pick what is right for you. I opt for the double no flow subscription plan. This plan is $16/month. I love that I receive jewelry as well as beauty items. I receive 2 jewelry pieces and at least 6 beauty items. They usually throw in bonuses too. Usually, 4 of the beauty items are FULL SIZE! I really love this subscription and have found amazing brands through them. Click here to check out my Tombox reviews and for more information on this service.

3.) Birchbox*

Note: I no longer have 2 accounts because Birchbox eliminated their point system :(! However, I still do enjoy their boxes from time to time. I wish they would start including FULL-SIZE products more. Birchbox is one of the oldest subscription box services. They have amazing customer service and adorable boxes. They usually include only sample size products. However, the subscription is only $10/month, so you really can’t complain.

Birchbox sends many variations of boxes. I have two Birchbox accounts because I opt for the featured box on one and a random box on the other. This way I can better review Birchbox. I love that I can actually use up the products I receive in my Birchboxes.  Most of the products in the box are beauty related. Also, Birchbox has the best point system in the game. Every product you review you earn points that you can use to purchase FULL SIZE items. It does not take long at all to rack up enough points to spend. This really is a great subscription service. Click here to check out my Birchbox reviews and for more information on this service.

4.) Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box is another great beauty subscription box. They feature mostly deluxe size beauty samples. However, they do sometimes incluFULL-SIZEIZE items. This box is $15/month. I really like that the box is curated strictly by Allure now. I have noticed an improvement in the product selection. This box usually features well known beauty brands that many people rave about. I love being able to try the top of the line beauty products for so cheap. They also include one of the best product detail cards of any subscription box. I read these cards/magazines every time because they include some awesome product information. Click here to check out my Allure Sample Society reviews and for more information on this service.

5.) LipMonthly*

LipMonthly features mostly lip products. I am a total lip junkie, so I love this subscription. It is only $10/month and comes in a cute reusable bag. I also love these bags for travel. LipMonthly usually sends one non lip product too. The items are mostly FULL SIZE and the value way exceeds the cost of the bag. The reason they are closer to the bottom is because of their customer service. However, they have greatly improved it. Let me know if you still notice a problem. I love them and I really love their new site and that you can now customize your boxes (within first 5 days of the month). Click here to check out my LipMonthly reviews and for more information on this service.

6.) Sephora Play!*

Sephora Play! is an awesome subscription box. This box includes five beauty samples and a perfume sample. It is only $10/month and comes in a different bag every month. I love the fun graphics Sephora puts on their bags. Even though there no FULL-SIZE products, this is one of my favorite subscription boxes. I love all the brands included and the detailed guide. It is so fun getting to try the products that all the beauty gurus are talking about. I can try the products before buying them and I love that. Click here to check out my Sephora Play! reviews and for more information on this service.

7.) Morphe Me*

Morphe Me is a monthly brush subscription box. Every month you receive different brushes. It is only $19.99/month and I love it. My brush collection has grown incredibly thanks to this subscription. I really love Morphe brushes and I can never have too many brushes. You also get points each month that you can use to redeem for more brushes/makeup. I love that you can also skip months and even swap brushes you don’t want. This is definitely one of my favorite subscription serves. Click here to check out my Morphe Me reviews and for more information on this service.

8.) Ricky’s Cult Crushes

Cult Crushes is an awesome beauty box and I just had to sign up for it.

Ricky’s Cult Crushes subscription box gives you the chance to test our hottest brands and products – both classic and new – and learn how to optimize them through exclusive online tutorials lead by influencers we love. Once you sign up, you are more than just a subscriber – you become a member of cult – and are treated as VIP during your online shopping experience. This means you receive 10% off all online purchases and receive free shipping on purchases of $50 or more. So, the next time you’re in the mirror creating a look to match your mood you can pull out our how – to kits to help you get there. This way you’re ready to step out confidently, strut your stuff and say you #CameToCrush.

I love that they include many FULL SIZE beauty products. It is only $11/month and the products cost way over the amount of the box. I have really loved the boxes I have received and I can’t wait to see what the future hold for this box. Click here to check out my Cult Crushes reviews and for more information on this service.

Top Over $20 Boxes:

1.) BoxyCharm*

Boxycharm is an amazing beauty subscription box. If you are looking for FULL SIZE beauty products, then look no further. I seriously don’t know how they include so many FULL SIZE products every month. They work with well known and up-and-coming brands. I have found many awesome beauty products through Boxycharm. They include at least 4 FULL SIZE products every month for only $21! This really is an awesome beauty box and they include a card detailing the products. They have a great point system too and have amazing giveaways. Click here to check out my Boxycharm reviews and for more information on this service.

2.) GlossyBox*

Glossybox used to be my favorite subscription box. However, I have new favorites. I still love Glossybox and think they are a great subscription box. They include deluxe size products and FULL SIZE products. The boxes usually have different variations every month. They include luxury brands and drugstore brands for only $21/month. They have the best packaging of any subscription box service. Their boxes are beautiful and I love their curated boxes. They also have amazing limited edition boxes (make sure you watch my blog for when these are released…you don’t want to miss these). The last few Glossyboxes haven’t been as amazing, but they are still great. Click here to check out my Glossybox reviews and for more information on this service.

3.) BeautyCon BFF Box*

This is an awesome subscription box. It has quickly become one of my favorite boxes! The box is $36/every 3 months. They include beauty products and accessories. I love all the brands they include…both drugstore and high-end. I also love that they are curated by beauty gurus. Click here to check out my BeautyCon BFF Box reviews and for more information on this service.


Note: I am taking a break from this subscription box…I still highly recommend it for skincare lovers! Beautyfix is a great skincare subscription service. They used to send amazing boxes every single month. However, I have had a few dud boxes lately. I am not sure what happened. Some boxes are amazing and some are just okay. However, Beautyfix does have a one-time box purchase plan. It is cheaper to do the monthly subscription ($24.95/month), though. I love skincare and I do love this subscription box. I just wish they were more consistent every month. They usually do include one makeup related item as well. They feature samples and FULL SIZE items. Click here to check out my Beautyfix reviews and for more information on this service.

5.) Imperial Glamour

Imperial Glamour is a beauty box that features small businesses mostly owned by women. I seriously love that this box supports small businesses. It is only $25/month and each month has a specific theme. The owner is seriously the sweetest and she really cares so much about what she included in each box. I love getting to try brands that I have never heard of and I love finding hidden gems. I always look forward to receiving this box! Click here to check out my Imperial Glamour reviews and for more information on this service.

Top Lifestyle Boxes:

1.) FabFitFun

FabFitFun is definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes. I love that they include at least one fashion item, one beauty item, and one fitness item. They also include a ton of different products and gift cards to redeem on items of your choice. I love trying everything I receive in this subscription box. Almost all of the items are FULL SIZE (unless it is a sponsored item). This is a more pricey box at $49.99/quarter. However, you only pay this price every 3 months. Every box retails for over $200! It is totally worth it to me. This box and PopSugar seriously make me feel like it is Christmas all year long. I love when this box is delivered to my house. I have to tear into it right away. I really can’t say enough good things about this box. It really is amazing and I would pay that price for it to be monthly. Click here to check out my FabFitFun reviews and for more information on this service.


PopSugar Must Have Box is a great lifestyle box. It is also a bit pricey at $39.95/month. However, it is totally worth it and every box retails over $100. I love getting this box every month and seeing what goodies are inside. They include almost all FULL SIZE items. Every month is a different theme with goodies to go along with the theme. I love that every month is completely different. I never get the same brand twice. The information card is also very nice and it gives the price of each item. I really look forward to getting this box each month. Click here to check out my PopSugar Must Have Box reviews and for more information on this service.

3.) Bianca Jade MizzFit box

I have only just starting getting this subscription. Therefore, I had to rate it lower. I really am loving this subscription. The box is $50/quarter and is a more costly box. It is more geared toward fitness and a healthy lifestyle. However, beauty items are also included. I think Bianca Jade does an amazing job at curating each box. My first box was a complete hit and I was in love with it. I really look forward to more of these boxes. I feel like this box will definitely win over my heart. Click here to check out my Bianca Jade MizzFit reviews and for more information on this service.

Top Asian Boxes:

1.) 3B box

I am so in love with Asian skincare. There are definitely some amazing products that are better than US skincare. It is not very easy to find Asian beauty products in the US, especially where I live. I love that there are subscription boxes that feature Asian beauty products. 3B Box is definitely my favorite Asian beauty box. It is only $12/month! It features awesome Asian beauty brands and comes with an information card in English. They include sample and FULL SIZE items. This subscription box has a long waiting list and it took me awhile to be able to subscribe. However, it is definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend signing up for the waiting list! Click here to check out my 3B Box reviews and for more information on this service.

2.) MishiBox

Mishibox is another great Asian beauty box. They feature some amazing brands and I love their information card. They include small samples and FULL SIZE items. I love that they include some amazing beauty products as well as skincare. The box is $19.95/month (Note: I am going to try the Beauteque bag next because it looks amazing and is around this same price). I have really been enjoying this box. Click here to check out my Mishibox reviews and for more information on this service.

Top Store Curated Boxes:


The Target Beauty Box is not really a subscription box, but it is a beauty box. Therefore, I included it in this post. These boxes are one-time purchase boxes. They have been releasing them once a month (the were previously released once a season). I am so excited they are releasing them every month. The boxes are only $5-$7/box! They feature beauty brands you can find in Target! I love that every month’s box is completely different. These really are amazing value boxes. There are deluxe, sample, and FULL SIZE items in each box. These boxes sell out extremely fast (watch my blog for when they are released). If you want one, you have to be ready to purchase. I really love these boxes so much.  Click here to check out my Target Beauty Box reviews and for more information on this service.

2.) Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart Beauty Box is one of the least expensive beauty boxes. It is actually free, but there is a $5 shipping fee/season. There are a couple of variations of the boxes depending on your age. They feature a lot of sample sizes and deluxe sizes. Sometimes FULL SIZE items are thrown in. The items are all brands that you can purchase at Walmart. The best thing about the box is the coupons. I love all the coupons they throw in the boxes. This box is a great box if you don’t have much money to spend or just want to see what a subscription box entails. Click here to check out my Walmart Beauty Box reviews and for more information on this service.

Top 3 Overall:

These are the boxes I would pick if someone told me I could only have three boxes. If I get in a financial crisis, these are the three I would keep. It would be so hard to let the other’s go, but these are my picks. 

1.) Ipsy

I am totally partial to Ipsy because I have subscribed since the very first bag. It is an amazing beauty bag for beginner subscription box addicts. If you are looking for a place to start, I highly recommend trying Ipsy first (unless you don’t like a lot of beauty products). You will get an adorable bag with samples and FULL SIZE items. You can’t beat the $10/month price tag for all that you receive!

2.) Fabfitfun

My top 2 pick was so hard to choose. However, I decided on FabFitFun. This box is more pricey, but you only pay once per quarter. The boxes are always over a $200 value, but most often are over a $300 value. That is insane. I love that they include many different types of lifestyle items. I love getting fitness products, beauty products, wellness products, and fashion products. This box really does have it all. There is something for everyone in this box.

4.) boxycharm

My top 3 pick goes to Boxycharm. It is such an incredible value! I really don’t know how they put so many FULL SIZE items in one box for so cheap. The brands are amazing and they feel so luxurious. I have found many beauty loves from this subscription box. I would pay more for this box and am so happy they keep it so inexpensive. If you are looking for an amazing beauty box with FULL SIZE items and don’t want to pay a heavy price, this is the box for you. I look forward to this box every single month. They have yet to disappoint me.

Honorable Mention: Target Beauty Boxes

I didn’t include this box in the top 3 because it in not technically a subscription box. However, they really are amazing boxes. They are so affordable and almost anyone can purchase one every now and then. I love that they change up the boxes every month and include many different brands. You never know what the next month will bring. You have to act quick with these boxes because they sell out quick. However, if you can get your hands on them, you will not be disappointed.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and this guide helped you decide which subscription boxes are for you. This is one of the hardest posts I have ever written because I love all my subscription boxes so much. I am such a subscription box addict. I could totally spend all my money on subscription boxes. I do have some new boxes I recently subscribed to and I am hoping they are as amazing as these. I know this list will change as I subscribe to more boxes and as new boxes become available. I hope to update this list every 6 -12 months to keep it fresh and accurate. So what are you waiting for, get to subscribing! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below? Do you have any subscription boxes you would recommend that I don’t have listed? I would love to know your favorite subscriptions!