Hey Everyone! My Tip Tuesday this week is how to feel better when you are sick. I have been sick this past week and feel terrible today. I never call off work, but today I just had to. I have some nasty virus that my whole family is suffering from. Therefore, I thought why not write some tips on how to feel better. Below are some of my tips that help me feel better. What are some of your feel better tips? What do you do when you are sick? Let me know in the comments below!

Feel better tips:

  • Drink hot tea with honey
  • Loads of cough drops
  • Sleep until you can’t sleep anymore
  • Eat soft foods (applesauce, chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese)
  • Drink juice or Sprite
  • Watch Netflix, television, or movies to keep your mind off your sickness
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Take cold medicine or ibuprofen
  • Keep lots of tissues close by (I personally love the Kleenex Cool Touch because they feel good on the nose)
  • Try not to think too much
  • Think positive
  • Most importantly know that you will feel better soon!