Cost: Free

Available on iOS and Android

Periscope is a relatively new app. It was released in March earlier this year and has been a huge success. Periscope lets you broadcast a live video stream to your followers and the public. Now you can not only share your thoughts with your followers through status updates and pictures, but also through live video.

Periscope works just like Twitter; you create your account and follow other people. Twitter acquired Periscope back in March for a $100 million. There are many famous people that you can follow on Periscope. They even have the little blue verified check marks just like on Twitter. Since Periscope is linked to your Twitter account, it is very easy to find your Twitter followers.

Putting the app to use:

Using Periscope is as easy as tweeting. You can easily start a public broadcast or even a private broadcast for just the followers you select. In my time testing the app, it generally did a good job at quickly starting a broadcast. The video quality was also quite good, albeit that depends on your internet connection. Once you start a broadcast your followers can comment and like. When they comment, you see a little floating box in the bottom left of the screen and you see little hearts on the bottom right for each like. There is no time limit for your broadcasts, so you can film all the time you want. After your broadcast has ended, it is available to be viewed for 24 hours and then it is deleted. This makes it very convenient because your viewers can watch your broadcasts whenever they want; however, it won’t be as interactive. Instead, it will be just like a YouTube video. Your viewers can view your broadcasts on their smartphones or tablets and even on their computers.

I loved Periscope and I plan to keep using the app. So keep an eye out for my broadcasts!

How to follow me:

My Periscope Username: everythingandnothin

Twitter: @eandnblog

My Rating:



Good quality video (good enough to be viewed on a smartphone)

Twitter integration

Real-time interaction between broadcaster and viewer (through comments)

Fun to film live


Occasional freezing of video (but it reconnects quickly)