Attention Beauty Lovers! I love tons of makeup and beauty related products. I test tons of products and fall in love with many of them. However, occasionally there are those product that just plain suck. I do not want to bash these brands because there are products in their lines that are awesome. I am simply warning about the products that are terrible and you should stay away from. These are my honest opinions and I understand a product I hate, you may love. That is what makes blogging so fun. What one person loves another will dislike. I hope you enjoy these posts and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Crap Product:

NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains ($2.99)

When I saw this product I was so excited. Crazy affordable liquid lip stains sounds amazing to me. I snatched two up lighting fast. I couldn’t wait to try them out. However, I was extremely (I mean sit in a corner and pout) disappointed. The price was way too good to be true.

The swatches are terrible because the product is terrible. The formula is so liquidy and runny. They taste terrible and bitter (I mean like you just ate something foul and feel sick to your stomach terrible). They say “smooch proof” and they are exactly right. No one would want to kiss you wearing these awful colors. I am sure the taste would transfer to your partners mouth. If you want to break up with someone but don’t want to hurt their feelings, wear this!

The colors are not at all pigmented. I figured they would be pigmented because they are like a liquid lipstick. However, they fail in the pigmentation department. And get ready for this…the worst part is these lip stains actually HURT! They made my lips sting so bad. They feel as if little needles are continuously poking your lips (and no plumping is observed). I have never felt that feeling before from a lip product.

I would definitely stay away from these and do not waste your money. I know they are inexpensive, but they are inexpensive for a reason. I should have known when the shelf was completely full that these were crap. I have learned my lesson and will never repurchase this product. To the dumpster, they go!