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Hey beauty and fitness lovers! Please share any fitness and health tips that you find effective. Also, if you have any healthy recipes please share them too! A tip this week is to be informed about health and fitness topics. Knowledge really is power! I spend a lot of time researching and staying up to date on health and fitness issues. The more you learn, the more you will understand how your body works. With a knowledge of your own body, you will be able to effectively maintain proper health. I spend lots of time reading healthy weight-loss information. I then try and implement the things I learn into my everyday life. I will be working on a post this week dealing with part 1 of my weight-loss journey. Do you read about health & fitness? What are some of your favorite health & fitness sources? Let me know in the comments below!

where to find health & fitness information:

  • Health & Fitness Magazines (Shape, Health, Prevention, etc)
  • Google Search Health & Fitness topics
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (For Fitness Inspiration)
  • Your Local Gym
  • WordPress Bloggers (Of Course the BEST lol)
  • Your Doctor
  • Tumblr (So Much Advice and Fitness Inspiration Pictures and Quotes)
  • Free and Paid Kindle Books
  • Your Local Library

Also, I found a great recipe for baked honey garlic chicken. It looks amazing! Click here for the recipe!