I have a huge online shopping addiction. There is so much you can find online that you can’t find in stores (especially in stores where I live). If I wasn’t careful, I could spend every penny I have shopping online. Luckily, there are some amazing ways to save money while shopping online. This post will address some of the best and my personal favorite ways to save money while shopping online. I hope you find this post helpful and you learn some news ways to save money. Let me know what are some of your favorite ways to save money online!

How to save money online:


Ebates is definitely one of my favorite ways to save money online! It is so simple and takes almost no effort. All you do is sign up and you are good to start saving tons of money. Ebates is perfect for online Christmas shopping (which is coming soon, how crazy). The money you save through Ebates can be used to buy your loved ones more stuff or yourself something special (for all the hard work you did saving money).

Ebates is a cash back site and in my opinion, the best cash back site. You start your shopping on Ebates and to earn money back from participating stores. There are over 1,700 cash back stores on Ebates; therefore, there is a store for everyone. This number grows weekly. They even offer cash back on some initial subscription box signups (Glossybox, PopSugar Must Have Box, etc). Just search (on Ebates) for your favorite store to see if cash back is offered. Next, just click on the shop now button to start shopping and saving.

Ebates even has double and triple cash back events. During, these events you can earn double and triple the money back. For example, a store that normally offers 4% cash back would offer 8% or 12% cash back! Make sure to watch for these events on the Ebates home page so that you can maximize your savings. Ebates offers these events random times throughout the year, as well as the holidays. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas time are some of the best times to save.

Some of my favorite stores to earn cash back are Sephora, Kmart, Ulta, Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, Staples, Victoria’s Secret, Groupon, Aeropostale, Walmart, Avon, Old Navy, The Body Shop, BH Cosmetics, American Eagle, Microsoft, and many more. The list goes on and on. I always start my shopping through Ebates. If I can save money by doing nothing, I am all for it. Seriously, this is the easiest way to save money online.

I downloaded the Ebates button for my browsers. This makes saving money even easier because I just go to the online stores as I normally do. If the site offers cash back through Ebates, the button will flash red. All I have to do is click the button and it will take back to the site through the Ebates link. The button will then appear green to let me know I am earning cash back. The Ebates button is a life savor because it helps me not forget to use Ebates.

I have never had any problem with Ebates. They always give me me cash back. If there is any problem, they have the best customer service. All you have to do is fill out a quick automated form letting them know you have not received your cash back. Many times the cash back will appear right away or after a few days. Once you have earned $5.01+, Ebates will automatically mail you a check. I have never had any problem cashing the checks. The money will keep rolling over until you have earned the limited amount. I have never lost any money through Ebates.

In the short amount of time I have been using Ebates, I have earned over $75 cash back. I don’t spend a ton of money shopping because I love to save money. However, with the money I do spend I saved even more through Ebates. The $75 is money I would have spent had I not earned it back through Ebates. I highly, highly recommend Ebates! It is hands down my favorite way to save money online.


Retailmenot is such a simple way to save money online. They offer coupon codes for online shops. All you do is search for the store you wish to shop and find the coupon code you want to use. It really is that simple. Retailmenot gives you the code and you can even copy and paste straight to the site. They also show when the code was last used and the coupon’s success percent.

I will use Sephora as an example. I search for Sephora and the first thing the site will tell me is the average discount I will save. It will then list all the coupon codes that are available. I see over 15 codes right away. I find the coupon I want to use and click on “show me the code.” The code will be revealed so I can use it on the Sephora site. I can also see when the coupon was last used and the success rate of the coupon.

I use Retailmenot every time I am shopping online. I find so many coupon codes for free shipping and discounts. It is such an easy way to save money. I have saved so much money because websites don’t always display their coupon codes. Many times people forget they can save money through online coupons. I highly recommend searching for coupon codes through Retailmenot. You will not be disappointed and will have more money in your pocket or more money to spend shopping.

flash sale sites:

Flash sale sites are a fun and awesome way to save money online. You sign up for a free membership and then you can start shopping all the deals. Flash sale sites feature certain brands and categories for a greatly discounted price. These sales last for a very limited time. There are new sales added daily. I recommend downloading the apps for these sites so you don’t miss any sales. Below are some of my top flash sale sites.


Hautelook is one of my favorite flash sale sites. They are a Nordstrom Company. Their events only last a couple of days, but they have some of the best brands. I love how they split their sales into categories so that it is easy to find what sales interest you. The categories are women, men, kids, beauty, and home. I love their beauty sales. They include such brands as Urban Decay, Crown Brush, Tarte, Nuxe, and so many more. Almost every beauty brand you can think of is featured on Hautelook. They also carry amazing designer clothes that are highly discounted. I have ordered many times off Hautelook and never been disappointed. I highly recommend this flash sale site. Click here to sign up!


Ruelala is a great flash sale site. They feature awesome beauty brands as well. I also love that they have unique sales. They feature a travel section and give discounts on different types of subscription services. They have many categories to choose from. I have even seen beauty subscription services featured on Ruelala. This is a great way to try a subscription and save more money. One of the coolest features is you pay $9.95 shipping once and then get free shipping on anything else for 30 days! I highly recommend signing up for Ruelala. Click here to sign up!



I love Ideel so much. They have the best workout clothes at discounted prices. I have ordered so much workout gear off this site. I also love when they are on Groupon* and I can save even more money. They have many sale categories; therefore, everyone can find something on this site. They feature amazing beauty brands and sometimes beauty subscriptions. Ideel has many fashion designer sales and even gadget sales. I highly recommend Ideel. Click here to sign up!


Zulily is such a fun site. They feature so many new sales every single day. There is an enormous amount of sales on this site. Everyone can find something on Zulily. They have beauty, fashion, gadgets, baby items, home items, kitchen necessities, food, equipment, and so much more. I could wipe out my whole bank account shopping on this site. I love checking Zulily everyday and seeing what new sales are added. I highly recommend checking out Zulily. Click here to sign up!


Signing up for emails is such a quick and easy way to save money online. Almost every site has a place you can sign up to receive their emails. If you have favorite sites, sign up for their emails. Companies will send discounts and coupons in emails. Sometimes they will even send email only deals. Their emails will also tell you when new items are available. They will list current and upcoming sales. Emails help you stay up to date on your favorite online stores. I save so much money by watching for coupons in my emails.

Leave:

Leaving items in your cart is such a great tip to save money online. When I am shopping, I will add the items in my cart and then exit the site. Many times I will get a pop up window that tells me I can save more. If you are trying to leave, the company will try to entice you to buy the items you want. They may give you a coupon code to save additional money off or offer you something for free. Always try this trick to see if you can save more. If the items in your cart are not limited availability or today only sales, leave the items in the cart for a few days. Many times the company will email you saying you forgot to check out. They will also send discount codes that will save you more money on your purchase.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it to be helpful. I love learning about ways to save money online. The above categories are some of my favorite ways to save money online. I hope you try some of the money saving tips in this post if you are not already using them. Shopping online is so easy and fun, so why not save money while doing it! What are some of your favorite ways to save money online? Let me know in the comments below!


*Note: I am not paid or endorsed to write this post. These companies do not even know my blog exists. A couple of the links (*) contain a referral link and I will only earn credit if you sign up through the link. I am not being paid anything for my opinion. I honestly enjoy saving money online and love the above sites. I visit and shop on them all the time. These are my honest opinions.