Cost: Free

Available on iOS and Android

Numerous is an app that keeps track of all your important numbers. At first, that might not seem very interesting. I thought “What’s the point of it, why would I need something like that?”. But once I started using the app, I realized it is more powerful and interesting then I initially realized. I believed all it did was countdown to certain dates like days till christmas etc… but Numerous can do numerously more things (no pun intended). 

Numerous handles basic tasks like counting down to Christmas, your birthday, or the last day of school. You can customize it by setting the date and it is super easy. It also gives you the temperature, which can come in handy.

Now here is where it gets interesting, Numerous can do some nifty things for you like:

  • Counting down important dates on your calendar
  • Phases of the moon
  • Up to date currency conversions
  • Stock prices
  • Price of barrel of oil
  • Mortgage rates
  • Asteroids near earth
  • Number of likes on your Facebook Page
  • Number of followers on your social media accounts
  • Water levels at lakes, ponds, etc…
  • Temperature in your home (requires a smart thermostat)
  • Your steps the past few days (requires a fitness tracker)

The possibilities are truly endless, you can use Numerous to keep track of any numbers that you want.

Putting the App to Use: 

When I first started using the app it felt a little confusing, it took some time for me to get the hang of it. If you want to keep track of a number you need to follow it. It is kind of like Facebook; other people create the numbers and you can follow them. You can even like numbers and comment on them. Other people can also follow, like, and comment the numbers you have created. However, you can set them to be private.

I really like the Numerous app because it really helps me keep track of all my numbers. It is extremely easy to open the app and quickly see all the numbers that are significant to you. I will continue to use the app! I can’t wait to see what improvements and enhancements are in store for the app. What do you think of the app? Have your tried Numerous? If not, are you going to try the app? Let me know in the comments below!

My Rating: 4/5



Tons of neat numbers to track

Simple and quick to see the numbers

Ability to create personal numbers


Design and User Interface look dated

Confusing to use in the beginning