Hey Beauty Lovers! What makeup look are you rocking today? I went for a brown smokey eye! I really like how this look turned out! Also, keep reading to learn about a Beauty Hack for covering dark circles (Dark Circle Hack)! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Makeup of the Day + Dark Circle Hack:

Makeup of the Day + Dark Circle Hack collage

Beauty Hack: 

Dark Circle Hack


I found (on YouTube) this awesome beauty hack for covering dark under eye circles! I was so skeptical if this would work or not, but it really does! I will be adding this to my everyday beauty routine because I am so impressed!

All you need is some red lipstick. I would recommend using a matte or satin finish red lipstick. You don’t want to have a glossy or shimmery under eye! Anyway, take a tiny bit of the red lipstick and blend it onto the dark circles. It looks a little scary at first, but trust me the results are amazing. I used a small brush to pick up a tiny bit of red lipstick and then blended it in with my fingers.

Next, just add your favorite concealer on top and blend in. The red cancels out the purple and you are left with bright under eyes.